Russian State Media Runs Tucker Carlson Episodes

( – The Democrats, by all appearances, are becoming more desperate by the day to find a way to make sure that former President Donald Trump is not elected to a second term of office come November. They attempted a second impeachment of him after he had already left office in 2021, are abusing the criminal courts in an effort to put lipstick on the pig that is their argument he is a convicted felon, and are more than willing to smear anyone who has the potential of rallying voters to him.

They seem preoccupied with proving that one particular and popular pundit is a partner of a puppetmaster who is pulling his strings, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Being Right Is Wrong

State TV station Russia-24 and the affiliated website (meaning “let’s look” in English) have been running old video clips of former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson that he had posted on his X feed or his eponymous Network with a Russian voiceover. The Leftist media sources like Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and Daily Beast have plastered headlines and fearmongering insults across the Internet in a bald-faced attempt to brand him as an Enemy of the State, just as they have tried with Trump.

An “updated” Newsweek story claimed that they changed its original post because the Tucker Carlson Network CEO Neil Patel posted a denial on his X (formerly Twitter) feed of “any deals with state media in any country” saying that the current management is pretenders to “the old Newsweek brand” and they would have known this had they done their due diligence. The title of the current article is “Tucker Carlson Show Aired by Russian State TV,” but since very little that is put on the Internet ever goes away, the web archive site captured the original that declared the more inflammatory “Tucker Carlson Launches Show On Russian State TV” on the service.

Rolling Stone had a bold headline deeming Carlson a “Putin Sycophant” and accused him of parroting Russian “propaganda,” which is something they have implied going back to his February interview with the world leader. The current story includes an X post from Daily Beast columnist Julia Davis commenting on one video the Kremlin used where the Conservative host apparently objected to the use of the Ukrainian flag on social media and used the hashtag “TuckyoRose” to describe him.

The hashtag is an apparent reference to Tokyo Rose which was the name used by American military members during World War II for females who broadcast Japanese propaganda in English. The Liberal strategy, such as it is and what there is of it, seems to be to hurl accusations that Trump and those on the Right are either Communist like Putin or Fascist like Hitler or anything else they can think of to scare their followers into toeing the party line. Perhaps next they will try and say they are Vogons who are here to destroy the earth to build a hyperspace bypass.

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