Roberts Demands Explanation as to Why the US isn’t Addressing Iran

( – Months before the day he was inaugurated, President Joe Biden faced questions about his loyalties to the United States, in particular how his son Hunter Biden may have tied him into the People’s Republic of China (PRC). More recently, he has been asked about his military responses to the Islamic Republic of Iran and their alleged use of proxy terrorist groups to wage war against Israel and to attack American military sites in the Republic of Iraq and the Syrian Arab Republic. Now one reporter is asking the tough questions.

John vs. John

John Roberts, cohost of the Fox News show “America Reports,” was interviewing retired US Navy Rear Admiral and current National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications for the White House, John Kirby on November 13, and addressed the topic of Iran. The journalist played a clip of General Jack Keane, who had appeared on another show earlier that day and expressed his opinion that the Biden response was all well and good but questioned why the administration didn’t just take out the leadership, rocket launchers, and soldiers in a single night of raids.

In response, Kirby essentially blew off the words of the Army’s one-time representative on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, saying the administration was “going to respond and react in a time and manner of our choosing.”

Pivoting to all the examples of anti-Semitism that have been rampant on college campuses — and among certain members of Congress — Roberts asked the White House spokesman about the perception that Biden has been somewhat wishy-washy on his condemnation of it. Oddly enough, Andrea Mitchell of the alt-left MSNBC had a very similar interview with the Biden mouthpiece.

Kirby gave some generalized platitudes saying that that was not the case at all, then he offered up rather odd proof, saying that Biden and crew were working on “the first national strategy for Islamophobia.” Biden’s message has changed from one of unyielding support of Israel to one where he is warning them not to try and reoccupy Gaza after the fighting is over. Somehow, that doesn’t seem to be something Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would eagerly take under advisement.

Some pundits have theorized that threats by the Muslim community to withhold their votes in the 2024 election could be why Biden continues to backpedal on statements made just after Hamas launched their brutal surprise attack against “soft” targets like an all-night music festival that was just ending. According to an Associated Press (AP) exit poll from election day 2020, 64% of those identifying with that religion cast a ballot for him.

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