RFK Jr.’s Medical Information Goes Public

(RightWing.org) – Former President Donald Trump is looking to retake the White House in what had been expected to be another face-off with current officeholder President Joe Biden. That is until a member of American political royalty threw his hat in the ring declaring that he is the one who can save the country from the apocalyptic evil of a second Trump administration.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) whose father (Robert Sr.) and uncle (President John F. Kennedy) both met their untimely ends via an assassin’s bullet, wants to become the next POTUS. However, statements that he made in a deposition in 2011 during divorce proceedings from then-wife Mary (née Richardson) Kennedy have resurfaced and have some people concerned about his health.

Huge Yuck Factor

The New York Times has reported that it reviewed the legal filing and stated that in 2010, RFK Jr’s friend noted concerning changes in his behavior including “memory loss and mental fogginess.” This prompted him to immediately seek out medical help because another uncle, the late Senator Edward M. (Ted) Kennedy had succumbed to the effects of brain cancer the year before.

After having brain scans done and reviewed by several well-respected doctors and specialists, he was told that they found a dark area on his brain that they believed was a tumor that needed to be removed. As he was packing his belongings to head off to the same doctor who had operated on his uncle Ted, another physician who had seen the images called him saying that he thought there was a different reason for his symptoms.

The Times quotes RFK as saying this doctor told him that the spot found on the brain scan “was caused by a worm [parasite] that got into [his] brain and ate a portion of it and then died.” Part of his early strategies for his presidential campaign has been to portray himself as the best option among the three candidates at onlty 70 years old (Trump is 77 and Biden is 81) using photo ops showing himself skiing alongside an Olympic gold medalist and pumping iron in Venice Beach, California.

Democrats called Trump’s cognitive abilities into question during his four-year stint in office and demanded that he get himself tested. Members of both parties have watched Biden wander in apparent confusion and literally being directed offstage or into a waiting vehicle with someone holding his hand.

As for Kennedy, he has been a successful businessman and entrepreneur over the course of more than a decade since his diagnosis but it is quite possible that the self-admission of brain damage coupled with the completely natural changes in a septuagenarian’s mental acuity could give potential voters pause. In an effort to inject some levity into the situation and take a shot at both of the other men, he took to his X feed and said that even if he had an additional five worms joining the first he could beat them both in a debate.

Although neither Kennedy nor his campaign has released any medical records regarding the issue, one common source of this kind of brain issue is the pork tapeworm causing a condition known as neurocysticercosis. The way that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says it’s contracted is where the {ick!} comes in.

To develop the brain parasite one must ingest human feces with the intestinal version of the critters already in it. The example the CDC provides is when a person eats “undercooked, infected pork” and then fails to appropriately wash their hands after a bowel movement before preparing food for someone else, that person could become infected.

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