RFK Jr. Hatches Plan to Make “Spoiler” Biden Drop Out

(RightWing.org) – A long time ago, in a galaxy… scratch that, right here in the good old United States of America, presidential candidates took their message to the voters and tried to persuade them to cast their ballots in their favor. More recently, there has been a shift towards telling one’s constituency base how disastrous it would be if “the other guy” were to win.

Then came 2016, and one man single-handedly turned everything on its head, and, starting in the Republican Party primary season, the goal of many became crystal clear, “Never Trump.” Even that has become inadequate as evidenced by the Democrats and RiNOs trying to impeach him after he left office and when that didn’t work the Leftists began a war trying to remove him from state ballots and making a mockery of the judicial system through criminal indictments. Independent (–ish) candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has contrived a plan that he believes can keep the former president from reclaiming the Oval Office — and the key to his plan involves President Joe Biden.

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The son of one assassinated politician, Robert “Bobby” Kennedy, and the nephew of another, President John F. Kennedy has offered to make a bet with President Joe Biden. He claims to have a poll that shows the only way to keep the bogeyman (Trump) away from the White House is for the current POTUS to drop out of the race, and has asked that he enter into a pact, where a few weeks before election day:

  • They would co-fund a poll of each state, not the nation as a whole, of at least 30,000 “likely voters.”
  • There would be two questions, each candidate versus Trump — not a three-way race.
  • Whoever is shown to be less likely to win will drop out.

Kennedy’s study was performed by John Zogby where each state was individually surveyed, and it purports to give a sense of how the all-important Electoral College votes would shake out. After all, the man that they have demonized for the past eight years lost the popular vote to former First Lady Hillary Clinton but won the election.

Zogby’s results were based on interviews of more than 26,000 people (far more than the few thousand typically done by other firms) with an astoundingly low margin of error of 0.6% (most polls tend to put that figure closer to 3%). After crunching the numbers, he claims that the electoral votes in a Trump/Biden match would be 294/244, for a Kennedy/Biden battle they say it would be a landslide 367/171, and finally, for Kennedy/Trump it would be an ultra slim 270/268 victory.

When one considers that a different outcome, even in a state like Vermont with only the minimum of three electoral votes, would flip the results the other way, Kennedy’s claim that the headline of his press release says he is the “only candidate who can beat Trump” seems debatable.

Whatever the conclusion in November happens to be, some things are guaranteed as the race moves along. The American public will be force-fed a diet of vitriol, accusations of cheating, and the apocalyptic end of democracy if “that guy” wins. Oh, let’s not forget the screeching that will claim “Fox News is the harbinger of lies” or the opposite bellowing “No, MSNBC is the one babbling gibberish.” November can’t come soon enough.

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