Public Satisfaction With Biden Continues to Decline

( – As President Biden continues to struggle in the polls against Donald Trump, a new survey on public satisfaction is piling on even more bad news. Despite Biden’s claims about his economic and social policies, Americans are increasingly unhappy about life in this country. Worst of all for the president, the economy — the thing he’s most proud of — is a major source of unhappiness.

On February 22, Gallup released the results of a major new poll. The organization asked Americans how they felt about 29 aspects of the US, and compared responses with what people said before Biden took office. They found that satisfaction has risen in five of the aspects — but it’s fallen in 12, including some of the most important issues a government is supposed to deal with.

The largest fall in public satisfaction is with the US military and our readiness to defend ourselves. In January 2021, 74% of Americans were satisfied with the state of our defenses. Now that’s fallen to 62%. Close behind is immigration; in 2021 39% of people thought immigration was at the right level, but now it’s just 28%. Biden’s open border policies are clearly feeding through into public attitudes. There have also been double-digit falls in satisfaction on gun and energy policies, while tax levels, healthcare, abortion, and the economy are also increasingly frustrating the public.

It isn’t all bad news for Biden. Satisfaction has risen on race relations, the size of the federal government, and the general ethical climate. However, these aren’t likely to be big issues at the ballot box.

The world is increasingly unstable, with wars raging in Ukraine and the Middle East; public worries about the state of our military will be a drag on the president in November. As for the economy, Biden has borrowed and spent a lot of money — but just 36% of Americans think the economy is in good shape, down from 43% under President Trump. This poll could cause some sleepless nights in the White House.

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