Poll: Biden Voters Less Enthusiastic Than Trump Voters

(RightWing.org) – So far polls aren’t highlighting a likely winner for November’s presidential election. It’s still a close race and could swing either way by the time Americans finally get to vote. However, a new survey has found a trend that should worry President Joe Biden. Those who plan to vote for him aren’t as excited about it as Donald Trump’s supporters are.

Between April 14 and April 16, YouGov ran a poll for the “Economist,” which asked, “How enthusiastic are you about voting for president in the upcoming election in November?” Thirty percent said they were “somewhat” enthusiastic, and another 26% answered “extremely” enthusiastic. On its own, that’s a slightly depressing statistic, with barely a quarter of Americans seemingly excited about choosing a new president — but once the numbers are broken down by party affiliation a different picture emerges.

Of those who plan to vote for Trump 63% reported being at least somewhat enthusiastic — and a large majority, 46% of all likely Trump backers, said they’re “extremely” enthusiastic. The picture among Biden supporters is less rosy, though. Fifty-one percent of the incumbent president’s backers are enthusiastic, and just 31% of those are “extremely” so. In other words, Trump supporters are almost 50% more likely to be highly motivated.

This could be very bad news for the president’s hopes of re-election. There isn’t much difference between the candidates when pollsters ask who people plan to vote for — but if enthusiastic supporters are more likely to actually vote, that could mean a higher turnout for Trump.

The survey also confirmed what previous polls have shown. Two–thirds of Trump’s supporters are voting for him, and less than a third against Biden. On the other hand, a slim majority of Biden backers — 51% — say they’re mostly voting against Trump. Just 47% actually want Biden to win, as opposed to wanting Trump to lose. If Biden can’t even inspire the people who plan to vote for him, his chances of winning over Trump fans aren’t high.

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