Poland Warns NATO Has 3 Years to Prepare for War with Russia

(RightWing.org) – Russia has had a huge issue with NATO for years and one of its reasons for invading Ukraine was because its president, Vladimir Putin, believed it was a threat to his country. He wanted a guarantee that Ukraine wouldn’t join NATO. Yet, the alliance is moving forward with adding other member countries. The way it’s set up is that an attack on one NATO member is considered an attack on all and the response will be uniform. Now, Poland is cautioning that Russia might just try to push its luck.

Poland Agrees With Germany’s Warning

In a recent study, the German Society for Foreign Policy (DGAP) warned that Russia will likely try to attack a NATO member within the next decade. Poland’s National Security Bureau’s (BBN) head, Jacek Siewiera, agrees with the caution but believes the timetable is wrong. Instead of 10 years, NATO has just three to prepare for such an event, the amount of time it would take Russia to “rebuild its resources.”

Speaking with newspaper Nasz Dziennik, Siewiera says “NATO countries on the eastern flank” should prepare, just in case. Russia, he says, “is working in three shifts [each day]” to build its arsenal back up, and it won’t be for nothing. They will use it to attack.

The threat isn’t without merit. Putin has made it clear that he won’t stop with Ukraine. In fact, the Kremlin has put the Eastern Bloc, comprised of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, in its sites. Russia has issued regular threats to that effect, even going so far as to allude to using nuclear weapons. Siewiera notes that Poland should increase the number of its troops in preparation.

Ukraine Continues to Defend Its Interests

In the meantime, the Ukraine-Russia war wages on nearly 22 months later, with seemingly no end in sight. In order to continue its counteroffensive, a move that the Pentagon said came too late to prevent Russia’s strengthening on the frontlines, it needs more aid. The aid comes from the West, largely from the United States. But even that is uncertain at the moment.

Congress is holding up a $106 billion package, with GOP lawmakers adamant that border security measures be part of the deal, insisting that it’s important to take care of the United States’ issues as well. White House officials cautioned in a letter to congressional leadership that they are both “out of money and nearly out of time.”

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