Oops — Looks Like SNL Just Proved Conservatives Right

(RightWing.org) – NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) is the archetypal liberal comedy show. Its left-wing presenters relentlessly poke fun at Conservatives, and have a special dark place in their hearts for former president Donald Trump. However, the growing popular backlash against wokeness has forced even SNL to try something different. In the show’s first episode in March, Sydney Sweeney took her first shot at hosting the show. It seems she’s made quite an impression on viewers.

Viewers Don’t Want Woke

For years, SNL’s “humor” has followed a predictable format. Hosts spend pretty much the entire show insulting Conservatives, and especially Trump, behind a thin veil of comedy. It’s enough to keep the show popular among leftist die-hards, but its producers seem to have finally noticed that ordinary Americans are starting to turn against the ultra-liberal social trends that have swept the nation over the last decade or so.

Up to now, SNL has been firmly on the side of groups the left calls “marginalized” or “oppressed,” and it assumes its audience is too. However, on March 3 the show was presented by an ordinary white American, Sydney Sweeney.

Sweeney hit the headlines in August 2022, when she was forced to apologize for something other people did in a classic example of woke shaming. The 26-year-old actress organized a surprise party for her mother’s 60th birthday and then posted photos and videos of the event online.

It turned out some of the guests were wearing red baseball caps. They weren’t even MAGA caps; in fact, they said “Make Sixty Great Again,” a joke about her mother’s age — but that didn’t stop the left from going nuts. After being blasted by fans, Sweeney’s first reaction was to say on Twitter that the party had turned into “an absurd political statement” and told people to “stop making assumptions.”

However, continued uproar eventually forced her to apologize because other people were wearing hats that looked a bit like MAGA ones.

Sweeney Boosts Ratings

Saturday Night Live’s ratings haven’t been at their best recently, probably because viewers are getting fed up with its woke humor, but Sweeney’s first appearance gave its numbers a modest boost. More importantly, though, she provoked a lot of talk on social media, which is now a key factor in bringing in more viewers to stream the episode.

Sweeney is everything Saturday Night Live isn’t normally about. She’s white, blonde, from middle America, and comes from a Christian home. Even worse, she’s already been linked to the dreaded MAGA movement by her party hats. People like her are supposed to be kryptonite to SNL’s target audience. Except it seems that might not be true anymore.

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