Nikki Haley Suspends 2024 Presidential Campaign

( – The writing was on the wall for anyone who cared to look. Nikki Haley’s polling average hovered around the 4% mark for most of her nearly 13 months on the campaign trail. She peaked at 18.8% at the end of January to Trump’s 73.6%. On March 6, the former South Carolina governor and UN ambassador suspended her campaign after suffering another series of withering primary defeats on Super Tuesday.

The New York Times reported that Haley only managed to win the support of 22% of the vote from Republicans who participated in the 17 jurisdictions that held a primary event that day. Adding insult to injury, that figure fell short of the 25% who had previously said they weren’t open to supporting Trump even during a general election race against President Joe Biden.

Haley did manage to eke out victories in the District of Columbia on March 3 and Vermont on Super Tuesday. However, as The New York Times noted, she “ultimately won just over 30 counties” nationwide, many of which resembled “a caricature of the anti-Trump elite.”

On March 6, Haley spoke with supporters from her Daniel Island campaign headquarters to discuss her decision to suspend her campaign. She pointed out that she accomplished her goal of providing an opportunity for “Americans to have their voices heard.”

Haley also explained that with her departure from the race, it was up to Trump to “earn the votes” of Republicans and others “who did not support him.” She wished him well and emphasized that “now” was his “time for choosing.”

However, Haley wasn’t as generous on her X/Twitter account. As of March 7, her timeline still featured a pinned post from February questioning whether America could do better than choosing “chaos from a name from the past.”

Conspicuously, Haley hasn’t indicated whether she would endorse Trump’s candidacy. He appeared unconcerned and posted a brief statement on his Truth Social account, reminding his supporters that Haley “got trounced last night.” He also invited her supporters to “join the greatest movement in history” and help him “make America great again.”

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