New DeSantis Super PAC Has Curious Connection to Santos

( – A new super PAC supporting Republican hopeful Gov. Ron DeSantis (FL) recently emerged. Curiously, the new group has a connection with recently ousted and now former Rep. George Santos (R-NY).

On November 20, Renewing Our Nation registered as an “independent expenditure-only political committee,” otherwise known as a Super PAC) with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The organization’s Statement of Organization (FEC Form 1) listed Wisconsin resident Thomas Datwyler as its official custodian of records and treasurer. The filing also listed a bank from McLean, Virginia.

The New York Times noticed the recent activity by the new Super PAC and reported that Datwyler briefly served as treasurer for Santos’ 2022 campaign after the disgraced former congressman started raising eyebrows for his outrageous and often false claims.

Renewing Our Nation recently filed its first Independent Expenditures report with the FEC. It revealed that the Super PAC disbursed $283,275 on December 18. The stated purpose of the expenditure was listed as “direct mail voter contact” in Iowa, and DeSantis was named as the candidate “supported or opposed.” Additionally, Datwyler’s name appears as the person filing the mandatory report.

For whatever reason, the FEC doesn’t require campaign groups to clearly denote whether they support or oppose a particular candidate, as noted above. However, there’s an interesting, albeit indirect, connection between Datyler and DeSantis that could shed some light on the Super PAC’s purpose since it doesn’t appear to have a website or social media presence as of December 19.

A quick review of the Axiom Strategies website revealed that Datwyler is listed as an officer in the company. Jeff Roe launched the political consulting firm in 2006 to help elect conservatives to public office.

If Roe’s name sounds familiar, he was the chief strategist for Never Back Down, the lead Super PAC supporting DeSantis’ presidential campaign. He suddenly announced his decision to resign on December 17, citing a disparaging article published by The Washington Post earlier that day.

Roe has a reputation as a formidable political operative, with many likening him to Karl Rove. Whether or not his departure from Never Back Down has anything to do with Renewing Our Nation sending mailers to voters in Iowa after sitting dormant since mid-November remains a mystery. However, the timing is interesting — and Datwyler’s connection to both Roe and Santos raises more questions than answers.

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