MTG Snubs Own Party In Crusade Against Speaker Johnson

( – An outspoken Republican congresswoman is standing up to her own party over government funding. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is threatening to overthrow House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) barely six months after he was elected. And she says she doesn’t care what other Republicans think.

Since Johnson became speaker last October, he has spent much of his time trying to avoid a government shutdown. That has brought him into conflict with the ultra-conservative wing of the Republican Party, and on March 22, Greene filed a resolution to remove him from the job.

In the end, Greene didn’t push it. However, last month Johnson managed to push through a bipartisan bill to fund military aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. Now Greene is furious, and she says this time she’s serious about removing the speaker.

On May 1 Greene held a press conference, and the main theme was Johnson. Displaying a picture of the speaker and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, she placed a hat lettered with “MUGA” –- Make Ukraine Great Again –- on top of the photograph, and told reporters the “uniparty” was focused on funding Ukraine and other foreign wars. She went on to say she thinks “the American people need to see a recorded vote of… does (sic) the members of Congress support the uniparty?” Then she promised to submit another motion to vacate the post of House speaker in the week beginning May 6.

Hours later Greene spoke to CNN correspondent Manu Raju on the Capitol steps. Answering Republican critics who’d prefer to keep Johnson in place, she told Raju “I really don’t give a rat’s a** what anybody up here says about what I’m doing.”

Meanwhile, Johnson dismissed Greene’s call for him to resign, calling her demand “absurd.” If Greene succeeds in forcing him out, which she could do if just two other Republicans join Democrats in voting for the motion, he’ll become the second House speaker in history to be ousted — and the second in a single year.

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