Migrant Apprehensions Hit Nearly 130K for April

(RightWing.org) – The United States continues to struggle with a high number of individuals attempting to enter the country from its southern border with Mexico. Several Republican-led states, like Texas, have tried to take matters into their own hands using state and local law enforcement officials to varying degrees of success, thanks to the nation’s woke judiciary. A recent report indicates the number of migrant apprehensions in April remained high.

On May 7, Breitbart News reported that it reviewed an unofficial Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) report detailing the federal agency’s Title 8 apprehensions between ports of entry at the nation’s southern border. The document confirmed that CBP agents apprehended nearly 129,000 migrants during April.

CBP officials apprehended 137,480 in March. The federal fiscal year runs from October 1 through the end of September. As of the end of March, border officials took 1,029,310 into custody under Title 8, constituting a monthly average of 171,552 apprehensions for the first half of FY2024.

That figure has gradually increased since Biden took office in January 2021.

  • FY2023: 1,496,067 apprehensions by CBP, averaging 124,672 per month.
  • FY2022: 1,153,352 / 96.029
  • FY2021: 618,985 / 51,582

Figures from former President Donald Trump’s four years in office reflect a similar trend. Experts attribute the notable rise in apprehensions in FY2019 to the Trump administration’s successful implementation of its “zero tolerance” policies regarding immigration and economic and political challenges confronting several Central American countries that year.

Immigration experts and various think tanks attribute the spike in apprehensions to perceptions that the Biden administration relaxed prevailing enforcement policies implemented during the Trump administration. As a result, increased numbers of migrants stormed the nation’s southern border, expecting to be welcomed with open arms.

Equally concerning, the number of border encounters has risen in the last few years, too. Encounters include Title 8 apprehensions, inadmissible individuals refused entry, and Title 42 expulsions. During the first half of FY2024, CBP reported 1,340,801 encounters, averaging 223,467 per month.

However, those figures are rising. CBP reported 2,475,669 encounters in FY2023, 2,378,944 in FY2022, and 1,734,686 in FY2021. If this year’s figures remain constant, border officials will encounter nearly 2.7 million individuals, a dramatic increase from FY2023’s figure.

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