Marvel Star Loses Job After Being Found Guilty of Assault

( – A year ago, Jonathan Majors was an up-and-coming actor, well known for his role in Marvel’s Avengers franchise and other shows. Now, following a domestic violence conviction, his career is in ruins. Since the guilty verdict, Marvel has canceled his upcoming projects and said it won’t be working with him from now on.

Marvel Made His Career

Jonathan Majors was born in Lompoc, California on September 7, 1989, while his father — a military chaplain — was serving at Vandenburg Air Force Base. Later, after his father deserted the family, they moved to Texas, living in Dallas, Georgetown, and Cedar Hill. Majors went to high school in Cedar Hill and had a troubled time there; he was suspended from school for fighting, and arrested for shoplifting. The theater gave him direction in life, though, and after graduating he gained a BA from the University of North Carolina and an MFA from Yale Drama School. In 2017, while he was at Yale, ABC gave him a role in the miniseries “When We Rise,” playing gay activist Ken Jones. Later that year he also appeared in his first movie, revisionist western “Hostiles.”

Majors got his big break in 2019 when he starred in “The Last Black Man in San Francisco.” He then went on to appear as Kang the Conqueror in Marvel’s popular show “Loki,” and repeated that role in 2023’s “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.” That movie was a box office failure, but it did have one compensation for Majors — while filming in England he met a British actress, Grace Jabbari, who became his girlfriend.

She also became his downfall. On March 25. 2023, Majors called 911 in New York City and said he’d returned to his apartment and found his ex-partner unconscious. Jabbari, who had minor head and neck injuries, was taken to hospital — but then it emerged that she’d been injured while riding with Majors in a hired SUV. Jabbari said he’d assaulted her in a struggle after she saw a text from another woman on his phone. He was arrested, and arraigned for assault and harassment the next day.

Jury Convicts — Marvel Backs Off

Majors denied having assaulted Jabbari, but in May, a judge granted her a protection order telling him to keep away from her. On December 18, a New York jury found Majors not guilty of intentional assault and aggravated harassment but convicted him of reckless assault and harassment.

The same day, Marvel — which is owned by Disney — announced they were canceling all future involvement with Majors, including the two upcoming Avengers movies he was due to play Kang in. After such a high-profile dismissal he’s going to struggle to find new acting work. On top of that, when he comes up for sentencing in February he faces up to a year in prison.

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