Man Making Anti-Semitic Comments Caught on Ring Cam

( – Since October 7 when the terrorist group Hamas — which allegedly has the backing of the Islamic Republic of Iran — launched a brutal attack on Israel where even infants weren’t saved from their bloodlust, there have been pro-Palestinian rallies around the world on college campuses and government buildings. But their hatemongering can exist even on suburban residential streets, as two families in Ohio recently found out.

Dude, It’s Not TikTok

Bexley, Ohio, is a suburb of the state capital of Columbus and it seems that the site of an Israeli flag flying as a symbol of support was too much for one man to just pass by. Ring doorbell camera footage shared with police and on social media allegedly captured Jacob Thomas Reidy on the porch of resident Debbie Meyer who used the built-in intercom to ask what he wanted.

The watchdog organization StopAntisemitism shared the video on their X (formerly Twitter) feed and it has garnered nearly 3 million views, 9,000 likes, and 5,000 retweets.


In what has to be called a massive dose of irony, the man, whose namesake was the father of the 12 men who would become the tribes of Israel, leaned right up to the camera and told Meyer, “You Zionist pigs are f**king disgusting!” The homeowner was so shaken up by having a strange man walk up on her stoop and deliver such a hate-filled message that she called the police to report the incident.

Reidy was already on the radar of the Bexley police force since one of their detectives had jotted down the make and model of his car, along with his license plate number after he’d purportedly driven past a local synagogue the Saturday before to spew more of his venomous vitriol. A department spokesperson said that he was not arrested nor ticketed at that time because he was on a public street. This time, however, he crossed a line — a property line onto private property.

After linking both of these alleged acts of anti-Semitism, (in a third alleged incident the victim did not want to be identified), they took Reidy into custody at his home. According to records from the Franklin County Municipal Court online system, he was charged with “criminal trespass — land premises of another,” which is a fourth-degree misdemeanor.

According to a statement given by police to Fox News, they are keeping in touch with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) to monitor this and other situations. There is a possibility that prosecutors could decide to add an ethnic intimidation rider onto Reidy’s charge, they haven’t yet done that while they continue to determine if the underlying act meets the criteria established in Ohio law.

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