LA School Board Candidate Backed Antisemitism

( – Kahllid Al-Alim is the leading candidate in the race to represent District 1 in the Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD’s) Board of Education. He fills in all the blanks. He was born and raised in South Central LA, served on the LAUSD’s Parent Advisory Committee, and is a community activist.

However, there’s one teeny tiny problem. The recent discovery of Al-Alim’s past conduct on social media platforms revealed his affinity for posting and liking antisemitic material.

He Did What?

On February 21, the Los Angeles Times published an explosive article detailing Al-Alim’s history of “liking antisemitic, pornographic social media posts.” In one alarming incident, he responded to a post about a two-volume set of books promoted by the Nation of Islam (NOI) head Louis Farrakhan.

Al-Alim said the book series “should be mandatory reading [at] community schools” as part of the LAUSD’s Black Student Achievement Plan. He concluded his controversial remarks by vowing not to ban the country’s future, adding, “We are not playing.”

The NOI’s online store promoted the book’s message, claiming that Jews “helped create and enforce Jim Crow laws,” exploited freed slaves, and openly discussed the benefit of “scapegoating blacks in the South.” The Southern Poverty Law Center lists the organization as an extremist hate group, noting its decades-long history of promoting “antisemitism, homophobia, and anti-white bigotry.”

Several news organizations posted similar articles detailing Al-Alim’s inappropriate comments, likes, and shares of antisemitic posts.

Curiously, Al-Alim appears ready, willing, and able to admit the truth behind those claims. He posted a bizarre apology on his campaign’s website in response to the controversy surrounding his online activity.

Al-Alim started his speech by admitting he posted the statement promoting the “Farrakhan book,” readily admitting it was “wrong.” He also apologized for liking “graphic content” on social media platforms, claiming he won’t “do that again.”

The disgraced candidate also claimed he had spent his life pushing back against “all forms of oppression,” including antisemitism and “anti-arab hate,” but didn’t appear to know enough — or have enough respect for Arabs to capitalize the word.

At this point, a reasonable person might ask themself, “Does he face any consequences for his bigoted behavior?” Thankfully, the answer is a resounding “YES.”

Al-Alim “Finds Out”

A quick review of the media landscape confirms that Al-Alim has probably destroyed any hope of winning the election. For instance, United Teachers Los Angeles, the city’s largest union for educators, withdrew its endorsement of him. The group represents roughly 37,000 teachers and was one of the largest donors to his campaign.

Other groups and organizations have also withdrawn their endorsements. Jewish city council candidate Sam Yebri condemned Al-Alim’s online activity and called him an “unrepentant bigot” who was unfit to serve in any office.

Al-Alim’s bigotry has also drawn the attention of national organizations. The Simon Wiesenthal Center recently issued a statement condemning his support for the NOI and Louis Farrakhan. The highly respected group also accused him of promoting content celebrating Hamas’ “massacre of Israeli civilians” during the terrorist group’s October 7 attack on the Jewish State.

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