Kentucky Governor Race Turns Racist

( – The contest to elect Kentucky’s next governor has just turned ugly. A black candidate is facing racist abuse in an apparent attempt to derail his campaign. It’s another demonstration of how Liberals will quickly — and viciously — turn on any black American who doesn’t lean left.

Daniel Cameron is Kentucky’s first-ever black attorney general. On November 7, an election will decide whether he’ll go on to become the state’s first-ever black governor. He’s also a Republican — so the Democrats, who claim to be the true voice of black Americans, have turned on him with stunning savagery.

On October 27, the Black Votes Matter Action PAC broadcast a radio attack ad aimed squarely at Cameron. In the vile broadcast, the group, which is funded by leftist multibillionaire George Soros, called Cameron “Uncle Daniel” and said, “skinfolk ain’t kinfolk.”

While the PAC didn’t openly use any racist slurs, the meaning is clear. “Uncle Daniel” is a clear reference to “Uncle Tom,” an insult Liberals regularly throw at black people who don’t buy into divisive Critical Race Theory. “Skinfolk ain’t kinfolk” is a pretty clear way of telling Cameron he isn’t really black.

Meanwhile, the incumbent he’ll be facing on November 7, Governor Andy Beshear (D), wriggled out of condemning the racist ad. He said it didn’t come from his campaign and he’d leave it to the PAC to justify its own actions. However, while it might not have come from his campaign it was supporting his campaign — and there’s nothing to stop him condemning racism.

In fact, a key plank of Democrat policy is fighting racism, in theory at least. In practice, they’re very selective about the racism they’re opposed to — and that comes from the top. After all, “skinfolk ain’t kinfolk” is pretty close to what President Biden meant when he said that if you’re considering voting for Donald Trump instead of him, “you ain’t black.”

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