Judge Denies Hunter Biden’s Trial Delay

(RightWing.org) – President Biden’s son Hunter has been trying to delay or cancel his trial on federal gun charges, probably in an attempt to avoid distractions from his father’s re-election campaign. Judges aren’t cooperating though. In early May, a federal appeals court rejected Hunter’s attempt to dismiss the charges. Now another judge has thrown out a motion to delay the trial.

In April, Hunter’s defense team asked the US District Court for the District of Delaware to drop the three federal gun charges he was indicted for last year. Judge Maryellen Noreika, a Trump appointee, rejected that request, pointing out that Biden’s lawyers didn’t show her any actual evidence.

The lawyers came back with a new request — to delay the trial, which is due to start on June 3, until September. They argued that they needed more time to find witnesses and review the prosecution’s evidence, despite having had that evidence since the indictment last September.

Unfortunately for them the delay motion also ended up in front of Judge Noreika –- and she wasn’t impressed by this one, either. In her response she said, “Everyone can get done what needs to be done” in time for the trial to start as planned, and rejected the request.

Biden’s attempt to get his federal tax charges dropped has also failed, and his trial on those begins next month, too. Although his lawyers insist he hasn’t broken any laws the facts seem pretty clear — for example, he bought a gun in October 2018, claiming on the paperwork he had no current drug issues, but in his not guilty plea he admitted he was a crack addict at the time.

There’s a very real chance he’ll be convicted. That makes the trials bad news for Hunter, but his father isn’t going to be happy either. Biden is hoping Donald Trump’s election campaign will be undermined by his legal issues. Now he’s facing the same problem himself.

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