James Vows to Seize Trump’s Assets

(RightWing.org) – The legal wrangling between New York Attorney General Letitia James and Donald Trump over the judgment order in his civil trial has already begun. She recently indicated a willingness to seize Trump’s assets if necessary to collect the roughly $355 million settlement, plus about $100 million in interest.

On February 20, ABC News aired portions of an interview with James. She discussed her upcoming effort to collect the enormous settlement. James said if the former president didn’t have the money to “pay off” that figure, her office would ask the court to order “judgment enforcement mechanisms.” She also said she would ask the Superior Court Judge overseeing the case, Arthur Engoron, to “seize [Trump’s] assets.”

James said her office was “prepared” to ensure the court’s judgment was “paid to New Yorkers.” Continuing, she appeared to mock the former president by adding that “yes,” she looks at Trump’s 40 Wall Street skyscraper “each and every day.”

Host Aaron Katersky asked about Trump’s claims that his alleged actions didn’t result in any harm, “the banks got paid back, so no harm, no foul.” James responded that financially motivated frauds “aren’t victimless crimes.”

Continuing her line of reasoning, James accused Trump of engaging in a “massive amount of fraud,” adding that his actions weren’t a “slight oversite” or a “simple mistake.” She said the extent of his financial misrepresentations “were staggering,” and his “variations” between accurate and fictional figures “were wildly exaggerated.”

Katersky followed up by asking about Trump’s recent position that his judgment would disrupt business in the Big Apple. James said the last time she checked, “tourism [was] up, and Wall Street [was] doing just fine.”

As a side note, James recently asked Engoron to rule on a previous motion, paving the way for her to begin collecting the judgment. On February 21, Trump’s lawyers sent a letter to the judge alleging that James never filed that document. They also asked for a 30-day stay of enforcement if the judge grants James’ request.

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