J6 Officers Go On Campaign Trail for Biden

(RightWing.org) – The battle for the presidency is in full swing as the presumptive nominees attempt to secure a second term in office. Donald Trump’s campaign focuses on issues like immigration and the nation’s economy. Inversely, Joe Biden’s reelection effort leans more towards distracting people from his policies and redirecting voters’ attention to his ongoing smear campaign against his Republican rival. He recently enlisted the help of a sprinkling of January 6 police officers on the campaign trail.

On May 28, media outlets reported that Biden’s reelection campaign recruited three police officers involved in the January 6, 2021, riot at the nation’s capital. The officers plan to hit the campaign trail in crucial swing states, starting with Arizona and Nevada, to push the president’s false claims about Trump.

Biden and his supporters have tried to depict the former president as presenting a risk to national security, democracy, and Americans’ fundamental rights. The campaign appears to think that having three out of the roughly 5,600 officers from DC’s Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and the US Capitol Police (USCP) will convince the approximately 74 million people who voted for Trump in 2020 to defect and cast their ballot for Sleepy Joe.

However, the success of this campaign ploy remains unclear. For instance, one of the policemen, Officer Harry Dunn (USCP), recently suffered a staggering defeat in Maryland’s Democratic primary election. He hoped to represent the state’s third district in the US House. However, his rival, Maryland State Senator Sarah Elfreth, secured 21,028 votes to his paltry 14,748 to win the party’s nomination.

The Biden campaign recently featured Sgt. Aquilino Gonell (ret., USCP) in a fundraising email. The message included the former policeman’s account of sustaining injuries during the January 6 incident. He stressed his interest in continuing to fight for America despite his decision to leave law enforcement roughly 18 months ago.

Officer Danny Hodges (MPD) frequently speaks out about the so-called impact of the Capitol Hill riot and attacks Trump for his actions in the aftermath of that incident. He’s the only officer stumping for Biden who remains on active duty — raising questions about the ethics of hitting the campaign trail.

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