Italy Moves to Ban the Fake Meat Pushed by Bill Gates

( – As any fan of the science fiction genre of books and movies can tell you, one of the great questions that should be answered about any advancement is, “Just because we can, should we?” It applies to the real world as well, take for example, artificial sweeteners, which have many adverse side effects that are still not entirely understood, even decades after they had been approved as an additive to our food. One of the more controversial projects that is making some headlines is being backed by none other than former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and his estimated $108 billion in wealth (as estimated by Forbes as of October 27, 2023).

Where’s the Beef?

Gates has put his not-inconsiderable wealth and influence behind a California company called UPSIDE Foods, which is in the business of creating a new potential food source for the world. What they are trying to scale up is the market for [insert term] meat, and those brackets can be filled with words such as:

  • Cultivated
  • Lab-grown
  • Synthetic
  • Or most simply fake

Earlier in 2023, Italy became the first country in the world to pass a law that would have banned “the production, marketing, and import of synthetic food” within the country. Unfortunately for the Italian legislature, they are no longer strictly a sovereign nation since they are part of the European Union (EU) and are obligated to get the approval of that body before laws can take effect.

Among the EU’s parliamentary procedures is the Technical Regulation Information System notification (TRIS) process, which in true globalist fashion, “aims to prevent creating barriers in the internal market before they materialize.” When the prospective ban was first announced, backlash from the Left was swift and brutal with one opinion piece on Bloomberg stating that “Italy’s right-wing government” was acting on “false claims and misguided public skepticism,” according to the author.

Faced with this backlash, the Italian government officially withdrew its TRIS notification for the proposed ban on October 13.

UPSIDE in the US

On November 16, 2022, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that they had “no further questions” about submissions from UPSIDE and sent it to the USDA-FSIS (U.S. Department of Agriculture-Food Safety and Inspection Service) for further oversight. This approval applies only to the company’s “chicken” replacement product which was actually served for the first time in early July at the Michelin-starred restaurant Bar Crenn in San Francisco.

The Liberal-Globalists have labeled the production of cultivated meat as a dire necessity because of the impact that cow farts are purportedly having on their number one pet issue of climate change. However, a study by the University of California, Davis reported that with current technology levels, the production of fake beef would be “orders of magnitude” more destructive than its retail counterpart, perhaps as much as “25 times greater.”

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