Iran Claims Israeli Presence in UAE Is a Threat

( – Since its founding in 1979, the Islamic Republic of Iran has considered the United States the “Big [or Great] Satan” and its allies like Israel and the United Kingdom (UK) as “Little Satan(s).” It is also the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. In the period following the October 7 attack on Israel by its satellite group Hamas from Gaza, they have also used its other terrorist cells such as Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen to escalate the hostilities. Recent events have caused the totalitarian government to ramp up its rhetoric making threats that could have a major impact on the economy of the entire world.

Closing a Choke Point

Commodore Alireza Tangsiri, Iran’s commander of the Navy of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), warned the world that his country denounces Israel’s presence in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), particularly after an Israeli [they claim] airstrike on their embassy compound in Damascus, Syria on April 1. Other high-ranking officials in the Islamic nation have declared that the Jewish state shall be punished for what they are framing as the “assassination” of two top generals who were in the country on an “advisory mission.”

As of April 11, Israel has maintained its silence on the matter neither confirming nor denying their part in the bombing that took out the Iranian military brass known to be deeply involved with the country’s terrorist proxies. However, the New York Times (NYT) has been treating it as a foregone conclusion. Regardless, the Muslim nation has said that one option on the table would be for them to close off the Strait of Hormuz.

At its narrowest point, the strait is a mere 21 miles (33 km) in width between the Oman Peninsula and the city of Bander Abbas, Iran, but the actual shipping lanes are only roughly a tenth of that distance. It is estimated that just over 20% of the world’s supply of oil and other petroleum distillates transit the area daily.

In one article, the NYT quoted “a former senior C.I.A. official” by the name of Ralph Goff who called the alleged Israeli attack “incredibly reckless” and said that the country is “writing checks that U.S. CentCom [military] forces will have to cash.” In another item, the news outlet presented a discussion of whether or not the attack violated international law that tends to zealously protect diplomatic missions, which Iran steadfastly maintains this one was.

The restoration of diplomatic ties between Israel, the UAE, and other nations in the Middle East came about as part of former President Donald Trump’s successes with the Abraham Accords. Jason Greenblatt, who was a White House special envoy in those negotiations, wrote an opinion piece for CNN, claiming that President Joe Biden’s continued attempts to pressure Israel for a ceasefire before Hamas is defeated play right into the terrorist group’s hands.

Greenblatt opined that blaming Israel for the death and suffering of ostensible civilians in Gaza rewards Hamas for their strategy of using citizens as human shields and cannon fodder. With the Jewish state now preparing for potential retaliation by Iran, they are facing the fear that Biden’s policies could embolden them to take on the same evil tactics as their Palestinian terrorist friends.

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