Independent Voters Still Lean Toward Trump

( – With the next presidential election less than a year away, former president Donald Trump is holding President Biden to at least a tie. The latest polls show that he’s still ahead among independents. That’s great news for Trump because independents are often the kingmakers on election day.

A new poll for “The Economist” will encourage Trump as election year approaches. The survey shows that he and Biden are currently tied at 43% each — but, among independent voters, he’s pulling in 38% support against 32% for Biden. Independents are also more likely to believe Trump will win; 38% think he’ll be back in the White House in January 2025 while just 26% believe Biden will win a second term. In fact, confidence in Biden seems to be slipping overall; among all voters, 42% expect a Trump victory and 36% think Biden can salvage his already-flagging campaign.

This poll seems to show that Trump’s reputation is surviving his ongoing legal troubles. Significantly, respondents were surveyed from December 16-18, meaning the results show opinions after the Colorado Supreme Court ordered his name removed from the ballot. It looks like voters weren’t impressed by the court’s attempt to subvert democracy by deciding who’s allowed to run for election.

Trump has been in court a lot since 2022, but so far it hasn’t impacted his popularity as his support increased after each indictment. Democrats have tried to make him too toxic to run. Their plan seems to have backfired and made it look as if they’re so scared of him they don’t even want him on the ballot.

Alina Habba, a member of Trump’s legal team, called the Colorado ruling “absolutely ridiculous… so desperate,” and said these tactics are just emboldening Trump’s base. Liberals don’t seem to be getting the message, though. Michigan Democrats just tried to remove him from the ballot there, too — and the state’s Supreme Court threw out their case.

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