Hunter Biden Slams MAGA in Court

( – President Biden’s son Hunter has appeared in front of two key House committees to answer questions about his business deals and how the president might have benefitted from them. Instead of just answering questions, though, he turned it into a political theater. According to Hunter, the whole scandal has been created by the MAGA movement, not his own controversial activities.

On February 28, Hunter appeared in front of Republican members of the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, in a closed-door hearing. Committee members wanted to question him about his father’s alleged involvement in his business career, which involved deals with companies in Ukraine and Communist China. Instead, they got a defiant rant about “MAGA-motivated conspiracies” and a “partisan political pursuit” of the president.

In his opening statement, Hunter told the representatives their committees had “hunted him” for over a year, in an attempt to get at the president. He accused them of “innuendo, distortion and sensationalism” as well as ignoring evidence. Then, finally moving on to the actual subject of the hearing, he insisted that he’d never involved his father in any part of his business activities.

Hunter’s attempts to blame the MAGA movement are part of a long-running pattern of deflection throughout the scandal. For example, when his notorious laptop surfaced in a Delaware computer shop, many Biden family allies tried to claim it wasn’t his. When they couldn’t deny it anymore they switched to claiming that the incriminating materials on it could have been added by Republicans.

The hearing itself was another example of Hunter’s attempts to muddy the waters. He was subpoenaed to appear last November, but failed to show up — instead, he held a press conference on Capitol Hill. In January, House Republicans introduced a resolution to hold him in contempt of Congress over that incident. Now, at last, he’s appeared, but he still hasn’t exactly been helpful.

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