Higgins Talks to Lara Logan About FBI Involvement on J6

(RightWing.org) – The Department of Justice has arrested and prosecuted more than 1,200 conservatives in the wake of January 6, 2021. Their crimes have ranged from minor misdemeanors to major felonies. Not everyone believes the incident at the US Capitol happened organically or that those involved just happened to walk into the building accidentally.

Lara Logan Interview

Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) recently sat down for an interview with former CBS reporter Lara Logan. The ex-reporter left mainstream media and is now a conservative commentator. Her most recent project is a documentary series called “Rest of the Story” about the events of January 6.

Higgins told Logan that he believes the incident at the Capitol was definitely staged by the FBI. He alleged two buses arrived at Union Station at 5 a.m. that day. The congressman said the buses were painted white and loaded with men who he thinks were FBI assets.

The lawmaker told Logan that video exists of police officers going into rooms in the Capitol and coming out dressed like Trump supporters. He didn’t provide Logan with the video to support his allegations, however.

He also accused federal agents of infiltrating online chat groups of people who were mad about the lockdowns during the health crisis, saying they interacted with Trump supporters. He believes that proves conservatives were under surveillance long before that day on Capitol Hill.

Higgins also accused air marshals of following Trump supporters and said, “It’s still happening.” He went on to say that he isn’t going to allow federal authorities to get away with what he thinks they are doing and promised, “They’re not going to take us without a fight.”

The Louisiana congressman told Logan, “They’re going down.”

Ghost Buses

For months, Higgins has accused federal officials of having some involvement in the January 6 attack. In November, during a congressional hearing with FBI Director Christopher Wray, the congressman asked if he was familiar with “ghost buses.”

Wray told Higgins that he’d never used the term before. The congressman alleged the buses were used for “secret purposes.” He showed a photo of buses in a garage that had been painted white, then declared that FBI employees dressed as supporters of former President Donald Trump on January 6 and filled those buses. Higgins claimed they were deployed to the Capitol and told the director, “Your day is coming, Mr. Wray.”

Wray, who was appointed by Trump, denied the allegations.

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