Hamas Leader Admits to Surprise at Israel’s Response to Attack

(RightWing.org) – A senior member of the terrorist group Hamas has gone public with his organization’s thoughts about the war with Israel. It seems that when it launched the October 7 atrocities that started the conflict, members didn’t expect Israel to hit back so hard. Now the men who ordered kidnappings, mass sexual assaults, and the biggest slaughter of Jews since the Nazi Holocaust are whining that the Jewish state is being “barbaric.”

What Did Hamas Expect?

On October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorists broke through Israel’s border defenses and launched an unspeakably brutal attack on civilians, leaving over 1,200 dead and at least 250 more abducted and held hostage. In response, Israel launched a major ground operation in the Gaza Strip, which has now been running for over five months. Air raids and ground combat have left thousands of civilians dead; the survivors of Hamas’s military wing have been pushed back into the southern city of Rafah, which the Israeli military is now preparing to occupy. Enraged by the atrocities inflicted on it by Hamas, Israel is determined to destroy the Iran-backed terrorist group.

Hamas seems to be surprised by this.

On March 6, Mousa Abu Marzook, a US-educated Palestinian who’s a senior member of Hamas’s political bureau, gave an interview to Al-Ghad TV, an online news channel based in London and Cairo, Egypt. When the interviewer asked him if Hamas had any expectations about what would happen after the October 7 attack, Marzook whined “The consequences of the attack… Nobody in the whole world expected them to be so barbaric.”

Marzook went on to accuse the US, Britain, and other Western countries of “gather[ing] their armies” and fighting against Hamas, which suggests he doesn’t have a particularly strong grip on reality. However, it was notable that he couldn’t answer the question — what did the terrorist leaders think Israel would do in response to the massacre of hundreds of its civilians?

Israel once flew a commando team 2,500 miles to rescue 106 of its people from Entebbe Airport in Uganda. It launched major operations to retrieve one kidnapped soldier. Hamas’s terrorists deliberately unleashed unspeakable horror on Israeli towns; did they seriously believe Israel’s response wouldn’t be ferocious?

Online commenters are struggling to believe this. Dozens of replies on X (formerly Twitter) ridiculed Marzook’s claims. One said, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” Another said, “Translation: We didn’t expect the Jews to fight back.”

The Hamas attack was against all the laws of armed conflict. Civilians were deliberately targeted, viciously abused, and then slaughtered. For the architects of this horror to complain about the “barbarity” of the Israeli response is hypocritical beyond belief. What’s clear is that Hamas isn’t happy with how the war they started is turning out — and it’s too late to take it back.

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