Haley Takes Aim at MSNBC’s Joy Reid

(RightWing.org) – Former UN ambassador Nikki Haley has been battling it out for months to take second place to former President Donald Trump during this year’s Republican presidential primaries. Her campaign has taken on a new edge in the last few weeks, so much so that she’s overtaken Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ polling average.

Chris Christie’s recent decision to suspend his campaign appears to have given her a real shot at defeating Trump in the New Hampshire primary elections on January 23. FiveThirtyEight’s latest polling average for the Granite State shows she’s only trailing Trump by 12.5 points.

Amid this backdrop, Haley recently set her sights on MSNBC host Joy Reid during a fiery interview on Fox News.

Nikki Haley Speaks Her Mind, Takes Aim at Naysayer!

On January 16, Reid took time from her busy schedule to discuss her campaign with “Fox and Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade. The conversation turned to recent comments from Reid about her chances to overtake Trump and become the Republican nominee.

Reid said no matter what Haley does on the campaign trail, she remains “a brown lady” who is attempting to win in a political party “that is deeply anti-immigrant.” Reid predicted that the odds were insurmountable for Haley. She also launched a race-based attack on DeSantis, stating that his only reason for staying the race was the fact he’s a “white guy” who can “still make the appeal to white people.”

[The discussion about Reid begins at the 4-minute, 20-second mark. However, the entire interview is worth watching.]

Haley summarily dismissed Reid’s take on the race. She began by stating that the MSNBC host lived in “a different America than I do.” Haley readily conceded that she’s “a brown girl” raised in a “small rural town in South Carolina.”

Fired up, she reminded viewers that she became the first female minority in American history to become a governor. She defeated her Democratic opponent in South Carolina by nearly 60,000 votes and widened that margin when she won a second term in 2014.

Next, Haley struck back at Reid by pointing out her record of success. Haley noted that she went on to become a United Nations ambassador and is now a candidate for the nation’s highest office. “If that’s not [living] the American dream, I do not know what is,” she proudly proclaimed.

Haley concluded her remarks by vowing to “continue to defy” anyone who says she can’t do this. “We will get it done,” she added.

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