GOP Plans to Bring Senate to a Halt Over Mayorkas Impeachment

( – To say Republicans are unhappy with the border crisis would be a vast understatement. They’ve made it clear since day one of President Joe Biden’s administration, when he overturned many of his predecessor’s policies, that the rate of immigration is unsustainable and a threat to the American public. To that effect, they filed impeachment articles against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and have threatened to bring the Senate to a halt if they don’t move forward with a trial.

House Impeachment Articles

In February, House Republicans impeached Mayorkas on two articles. They accused him of releasing migrants who should’ve been detained into the US interior and of not enforcing federal immigration laws. The GOP also alleged Mayorkas lied when he said the border was secure, pointing to the influx of millions of migrants since Biden took office.

The House held two votes, the first of which failed, but then Republicans rallied to pass the articles of impeachment, which were due to be sent to the Senate on April 10. However, they delayed the delivery until the following week, citing concerns over the timing. Republican representatives are urging the Senate to hold a trial, rather than dismiss the motion, and reportedly promised to make things difficult if they didn’t.

More than 40 GOP Senators also sent a letter to Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) demanding that the Upper Chamber “uphold its constitutional responsibility to properly adjudicate the House of Representatives’ impeachment.”

Will They Bog the Senate Down?

According to Fox News Digital, several sources relayed that there are approximately a dozen GOP senators who plan to hinder regular business and legislative proceedings if the Senate doesn’t hold a full trial against Mayorkas.

One Senate Republican aide who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said because the “Senate runs on unanimous consent,” it would only take one to throw a wrench in their plans. That’s always been the case and is typically an uncommon occurrence, but the aide also revealed that these talks have been in the works since early April. The discussion came up at a National Republican Senatorial Committee lunch and it wasn’t immediately dismissed by any of the attendees.

There are multiple ways that GOP senators could hinder operations should the Senate decide to introduce a motion to table the impeachment trial. They could object to regular business, force lengthy procedural actions, and object to typical requests such as adjourning or scheduling items on the agenda.

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