GOP Lawmakers Band to Support NRA in SCOTUS Case

( – One thing that the political Left excels at is making attempts at gun grabs in one form or another, frequently after a mass shooting event takes place. The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has tended to rule against them when the lawsuit reaches their level, and so they turn to other tactics that they believe will put a façade in front of their actual intent.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) found itself the target of one such scheme and has gone to court in an attempt to break that mask apart and allow the world to see what is the true intent of Blue States’ maneuvering. At least, that’s how one group of legislators from the nation’s capital perceive it.

It’s Good To Have Friends

Now that SCOTUS has agreed to take a look at the arguments presented in the case National Rifle Association v. Maria Vullo [former Superintendent of Financial Services in New York], et al., a whole gaggle of individuals and organizations want to get their two cents in front of the justices. This is done through an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief and the most recent one was filed by Senator Ted Budd (R-NC) and 17 other senators and Congressman Richard Hudson (R-NC) and 62 other members of the House of Representatives.

The original lawsuit was filed in the federal court for the Northern District of New York in May 2018, but as is always the case with these cases, it started sometime before that. According to court documents included as exhibits in the initial complaint, Vullo (as directed by former Governor Andrew Cuomo) issued a memo directed at insurance companies doing business in the state.

The memo begins by reminding the insurance executives of the events “in Parkland, Florida… Columbine High School, Sandy Hook, Pulse nightclub, and the Las Vegas music Festival,” and berating the NRA and similar groups while extolling the voices of “young people.” Phrasing compliance with the “encouragement” as a sound “risk management decision,” Vullo explained how they could guard against any tarnishing of their reputations.

Of course, encouragement does no good if the one who needs to see the light does not believe you have the will and the means to carry it out; and one can be sure that the recipients of Vullo’s memos were quite aware of her department’s bludgeoning of Chubb Ltd into a consent agreement, and $1.3 million fine. The congressional amicus curiae raises concerns that the Democrats may have violated the NRA’s First and Second Amendment rights, prior SCOTUS decisions, as well as individual state sovereignty.

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