GOP Launches Early Voting Campaign

( – In mid-2023, the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced its plans to launch a new effort to maximize absentee voting, ballot harvesting where the practice is legal, and in-person early voting during the 2024 election cycle. During the project’s first phase, the GOP launched web pages specific to several states throughout the remainder of 2023. The Grand Old Party recently announced the completion of the launch of the final portion of its early voting campaign.

On January 4, the RNC issued a press release announcing the launch of the second phase of the “Bank Your Vote” campaign. The notice advised that the committee completed creating state-specific web pages with resources for all 50 states. The GOP previously established sites for nine states.

Phase Two of the Bank Your Vote project also provided resources in 16 languages on the campaign’s main website as part of the GOP’s ongoing commitment to reach out to minority communities through various programs. Additionally, the RNC established “political and integrity staff” teams to monitor and assist with elections in “15 key states.”

The various web pages for the states provide different information tailored for voters in those areas. For instance, visitors can request their mail-in ballots on the page set up for states like Pennsylvania, where they are already available.

The webpage for New Yorkers includes links to a “pledge to vote early in person in 2024” and a page containing information about voting by mail in the state. Voters can sign up for updates on other web pages like the one for Ohio.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel praised the new voting campaign. She noted that when Conservatives vote early; they win. McDaniel also explained that Bank Your Vote is critical to motivating and assisting Republicans to “vote early or by mail” to defeat President Joe Biden and secure up and down-ballot victories nationwide.”

McDaniel concluded her remarks by noting that the GOP committee, campaign, and candidates now can empower themselves, educate constituents, and “turn out Republican voters to early victory” thanks to the completion of the new project.

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