GOP Governor Says Trump Trial Will Not Affect Election

( – This presidential election is likely to go down as one of the most controversial in the nation’s history. Republican nominee Donald Trump is facing multiple legal issues and was recently convicted of falsifying business records. Democrats have been hoping his legal difficulties would cost Trump the election — but a senior Republican has some bad news for them.

On June 2, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum (R) appeared on CBS News’s “Face The Nation” and discussed Trump’s New York fraud trial with host Margaret Brennan. During the interview, Brennan tried to suggest that Trump’s conviction is a big deal for voters. Burgum quickly shot her down, pointing out that the network’s own polling numbers showed only 35% of Americans were following media coverage of the trial very closely.

Burgum went on to explain that “working Americans don’t have time to watch… TV all day” because they’re struggling to afford the cost of living. He said that when the election comes around people will choose a president based on whether they feel better off today than when President Biden took office. Burgum added that voters will focus on the real issues because “this trial outcome doesn’t affect them… inflation affects them.”

Brennan then changed tack, trying to compare Hunter Biden’s upcoming gun trial with Trump’s fraud conviction. She compared Trump listing payments to a lawyer as legal fees — which Burgum dismissed as a “bookkeeping error” — with Hunter certifying that he didn’t use illegal drugs on firearms paperwork while high on crack.

Burgum refused to bite, telling her the legal system had been weaponized against Trump. He also reminded her that the media had collaborated to suppress details of what was found on Hunter’s laptop during the 2020 election campaign. Brennan strongly denied anyone from her network had been involved in that scandal, but Burgum had already made his point.

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