Glenn Beck Says Texans Don’t Want Civil War

( – The clash between states’ rights and federal rights is nothing new. In the wake of President Joe Biden’s disastrous immigration and border security policies, border states like Texas are taking the initiative and taking steps to secure the boundary between the US and Mexico. However, as happens all too frequently, Liberals are taking an extremist approach to the situation and equating recent actions by Texas lawmakers and the state’s Republican governor, Greg Abbott, and comparing them to the actions of seditionists who want to start a civil war.

Conservative political commentator Glenn Beck recently decided to school them on Texans and their true motivation.

Glenn Beck Reality Checks Liberals About Texans

On January 22, the US Supreme Court issued an unsigned order allowing federal Border Patrol Agents to cut, remove, or move razor wire installed along a stretch of the border between Texas and Mexico by the Texas National Guard. The ruling didn’t instruct local officials or the National Guard to do or not do anything. The order only applied to the US Border Patrol.

A couple of days later, Abbott issued a statement extolling the state’s right to defend and protect its citizens. He also accused Biden of violating his oath to execute the duties of his office faithfully and to “preserve, protect, and defend” the US Constitution.

And that’s where Glenn Beck comes into play.

On January 31, Beck published an article on his website, The Blaze, explaining that Texans don’t want a civil war. Nope! All they really want is to get their “constitution back.”

Yes, the Texas National Guard continues stringing razor wire along key portals of entry into the country used by illegal migrants. Yes, the Republican governors of several states have dispatched their guardsmen to Texas to help the state defend its southern border. AND NO, that doesn’t mean anyone wants to secede from the union or start a second clash between the North and the South, conservative states and liberals, citizens concerned with border security, and the White House.

Beck reminded his readers that a “house divided against itself” is doomed to fall. Texans understand that. The nation’s Founders empowered the states to have the tools to fight against unlawful immigration.

Continuing, Beck noted that the US is currently “under an invasion” and the Biden administration isn’t “fulfilling its duty” to defend the Texas border. As a result, Abbott’s decision to empower the Texas National Guard to secure the border “was clearly constitutional.” End of story.

Thankfully, the US Constitution empowers Americans to defend themselves when “the federal government fails to do so.” As Beck explained, “The Founders foresaw” that situation.

Protecting the border from an invading hoard isn’t an effort to start a civil war. It’s Texas taking the initiative to take over where the federal government stepped off and take care of border security.

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