Giuliani Will Not Receive a Plea Deal in Georgia

( – Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis had no shortage of criticism when she mounted an ambitious racketeering case against former President Donald Trump and 18 of his associates earlier this year. Court watchers accused the Georgia prosecutor of presenting an overly broad case. Others said the complications associated with trying that many defendants would confuse jurors due to the contradictory defenses mounted by their attorneys.

Defying the odds, Willis’ case appears to be building gradual momentum. In September, Trump co-defendant Scott Hall, a local bail bondsman, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges. Then, in October, former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell also pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges, followed by lawyers Jenna Ellis and Kenneth Chesebro, who received felony convictions as part of their plea agreements.

Willis is reportedly offering deals to some of the remaining co-defendants, but a recent report indicated that former Trump attorney and long-time friend Rudy Giuliani won’t receive a plea deal.

Giuliani Not Expected to Receive Plea Deal in Georgia Case

On November 28, British media outlet The Guardian published an exclusive report detailing insider information it obtained regarding the potential status of future deals between Georgia prosecutors and the remaining 15 Fulton County co-defendants.

The Guardian explained that two unnamed individuals “familiar with the matter” claimed that Fulton County prosecutors don’t plan to offer Giuliani a plea deal. Likewise, they claimed Willis’ team has no interest in providing a negotiated settlement with Trump or Mark Meadows, his former White House chief of staff.

The Guardian conceded that prosecutors hadn’t formally notified those three defendants of their decision and that Willis’s team could change its mind later if prosecutors decided to “shift” their strategy. However, for now, prosecutors have put their foot down and made it clear that Trump, Giuliani, and Meadows are their primary targets.

With that in mind, The Guardian also reported that Fulton County prosecutors have either opened discussions with the other 12 co-defendants and their legal teams “or left open the possibility of talks.” Reportedly, Fulton County prosecutors hope some or all of them will become cooperating witnesses against Trump and his former attorney and chief of staff.

Media outlets report that Giuliani faces unique challenges if the rumors prove true that he can’t get a plea deal. For instance, he’s currently facing financial ruin as he maneuvers to avoid potential criminal prosecution in other states. Additionally, he faces mounting legal costs in New York and Washington DC due to disbarment proceedings launched against him by authorities in both jurisdictions. For now, neither Trump nor Meadows appear to be running out of funds.

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