Georgia GOP Moves to Launch Investigation Into Willis

( – On January 8, lawyers for Trump co-defendant Michael Roman filed a sprawling 127-page motion to dismiss his indictment and disqualify Fulton Country District Attorney Fani Willis, her office, and Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade from “further prosecuting” the case. The document alleged, in part, that Willis had a relationship with Wade of a romantic nature before hiring him to lead the investigation into former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants. Republican lawmakers in the state recently took action to initiate an investigation into those claims.

On January 23, Georgia Senator Greg Dolezal (R-District 27) introduced a resolution (SR 465) to create a special committee to investigate the allegations of improper conduct lodged against Willis obtained from “public reports and court filings,” a reference to Roman’s motion. Senators Brandon Beach (R-District 21), Steve Gooch (R-District 51), John Kennedy (R-District 18), and Blake Tillery (R-District 19) also sponsored the measure. Twenty-five other GOP lawmakers co-sponsored the bill.

The measure successfully passed out of its first committee later that day. It remains unclear when the full State Senate might vote on the resolution.

If SR 465 passes, the resolution will create a panel comprised of at least three “minority party members” (Democrats) and a total number of senators not to exceed nine.

The Senate’s Assignment Committee will name the panelists who will select a chair from its membership.

The committee will have the authority to “call any party to testify,” depose witnesses, and “administer oaths.” The panel will also be empowered to compel testimony and the production of “books, records, and papers.”

At the conclusion of its investigation, the Special Committee is required to file a report detailing any specific findings and recommendations it adopts. They can include proposed changes in legislation and appropriations for the Georgia Attorney General’s Office and funds for local district attorneys. If the committee doesn’t adopt specific findings or recommendations, the elected chair must file a written report.

The committee lacks the authority under current Georgia law to suspend or end the prosecution of the former president and his co-defendants. However, it can refer its findings to the appropriate disciplinary committee for action against Willis and others found to have violated their oaths of office or ethics rules.

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