Donald Trump Under Fire for “Selling” Bibles

ASTON, PA - SEPTEMBER 22, 2016: Donald Trump giving the thumbs up gesture as he delivers a campaign speech at Sun Center Studios.

( – Democrats and many so-called Republican politicians and “conservative” commentators exhibit all the signs of TDS — Trump Derangement Syndrome — and consistently turn to hyperbole in their panic to let everyone know that the world as we know it will cease to exist if former President Donald Trump wins a second term in November 2024. There is a large overlap between that group and those who whip themselves into a frenzy any time that they perceive God or Christianity touching on anything to do with the government.

Now that the two topics have intersected over Trump and his endorsement of a Bible, many of them are (literally in some cases) likening it to the events predicted in the book of Revelation and other End Times prophecies. There is a unique blend of irony and hypocrisy

A Christian-American Anthem

Arguably the most beloved and well-known song by American singer-songwriter Lee Greenwood is “God Bless the USA,” which he released in 1983. The lyrical hook “I’m proud to be an American” will bring people jumping to their feet as the melody weaves together Minnesota, Tennessee, Texas, and everywhere in between as a land that has been blessed by the Almighty.

Greenwood’s website offers a wide array of merchandise related to his iconic song including a commemorative silver coin, guitars, and clothing but it is one item he offers that is the center of the kerfuffle, the “God Bless the USA Bible.” Regardless of the fact that there is an unequivocal disclaimer on a second website dedicated to this product that absolutely no money is going to the Trump campaign, the Internet is ablaze with misleading headlines claiming that the ex-POTUS is “selling” Bibles.

Many of the stories accusing Trump of hawking the Good Book for profit imply that he is doing so to raise money for his presidential bid or because of the exorbitant civil judgment of $454 million leveled against him by a New York judge. While all those headlines might be disingenuous, there can be little doubt that this is another attempt to rally his Conservative Christian (especially the Evangelicals) support base to his cause.

Near the end of February, former President Trump gave the keynote speech at the National Religious Broadcasters International Christian Media Convention and called out the Liberals for using what he labeled historical tools used by both Fascist and Communist regimes. He told a cheering audience that he would protect the Faith and the faithful from attacks that might be launched by the “radical left.” Showing support for Greenwood and for the Bible do just that.

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