Denmark Makes Frightening Move Towards Government-Backed Plant Foods

( – President Joe Biden and his liberal Congressional accomplices launched an unprecedented assault on traditional energy and food suppliers as part of an ongoing effort to shift the country towards “green” and “renewable” sources. For instance, last year, the Democratic-led House and Senate forced through the nation’s largest climate legislation, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (HR5376). The amount of taxpayer money the measure will spend remains a mystery. Bloomberg recently estimated it could “span a range of more than half a trillion dollars.”

The Democrats’ landmark bill caught the attention of the International Monetary Fund. The international group praised the measure for promoting the “right mix of competition and cooperation from other countries” instead of feeding the “growing forces of protectionism.”

Sadly, America isn’t the only country facing the challenges of radical lawmakers upending their economies over the pursuit of irresponsible environmental measures. Denmark recently followed suit by proposing a frightening move regarding government-backed plant-based foods.

Denmark Launches New Plan to Promote Plant-Based Foods

On October 12, Jacob Jensen, Denmark’s Minister for Food, Agriculture, and Fisheries, announced the nation’s new action plan for promoting plant-based foods. Federal officials say they hope the national government’s support for green foods will inspire the rest of the world.

Jensen boasted that there wasn’t any doubt that a “plant-rich diet” — following the country’s new dietary guidelines — “would help reduce [Denmark’s] climate footprint.” He also claimed the country’s shift toward plant-based food production would provide “a unique opportunity to increase Danish food exports and take the lead in [that] field.”

So far, the government hasn’t published its 40-page plan in English. However, it did launch a webpage covering many of its highlights. Through the power of Google Translate, you can check it out by clicking here.

The Minister for Food, Agriculture, and Fisheries site stressed the need for Danish residents to understand the importance of including all types of plant-based food in their diet, like “edible fungus, algae, and beneficial microorganisms.”

Are you getting hungry yet? Probably not!

Refocusing on realistic aims, the portal also stressed the need to embrace “classic plant-based crops such as grains, fruits, and vegetables.”

Other European Countries Urged to Follow Denmark’s Lead

For now, Denmark is the world’s only country with a government-backed plan promoting plant-based foods. However, Food Manufacture, a popular British culinary industry site, reported that some public organizations are urging other European nations to follow Denmark’s lead.

Jen Elford, the policy and external affairs head of the United Kingdom’s Vegetarian Society, urged government officials to “learn something” from Denmark’s new plan and start importing something from there “other than bacon.”

Likewise, the Good Food Institute Europe senior policy manager Acacia Smith urged “other national governments” throughout Europe to “follow the Danish lead.”

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