Dems Lash Out After Florida Abortion Ruling

( – On April 1, the Florida Supreme Court upheld the First District Court of Appeals’ order to vacate a temporary injunction blocking state officials from enforcing an existing law banning abortions after 15 weeks. The court also ruled that a law previously passed by state lawmakers prohibiting the procedure after six weeks could go into effect in 30 days.

As one might expect, that ruling isn’t setting well with pro-abortion Liberals. Democrats quickly started lashing out indiscriminately against Florida Supreme Court justices, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, and anyone and anything else that stands in the way of their so-called pro-choice stance.

Democrats Lose It After Florida Abortion Ruling

On cue, President Joe Biden issued a statement characterizing the Florida Supreme Court’s decision as “extreme” and “outrageous.” He claimed the Florida bans on early-stage abortions, like those in other Republican-led states, would put the “health and lives of millions of women at risk.”

The president vowed to “remain steadfast” in his support of women’s right to an abortion in Florida and across the country. Biden also said he would push Congress to pass a measure restoring protections previously covered by the now-defunct Roe v. Wade decision.

Biden’s ever-faithful accomplice, Vice President Kamala Harris, also weighed in on the Florida. Unlike the president, who has access to the White House website, she was relegated to speaking her mind on her X/Twitter account.

Harris claimed the state’s abortion ban would harm the “millions” of women who, otherwise, might have traveled to the state to obtain “reproductive health services.”

The vice president also blamed Donald Trump for Florida’s abortion restrictions, falsely claiming that the former president “created this health care crisis.” She concluded her post by stating that she and Biden would “do everything to stop” Trump.

But Wait, There’s More

Florida’s highest court handed down a separate opinion that same day, greenlighting a proposition to put abortion before voters during the November general elections in a separate opinion. If the Right to Abortion Initiative (FLA Amendment 4) passes, the measure will establish a woman’s right to an abortion before fetal viability by amending the Florida Constitution.

Democrats hope to flip the state blue in the wake of the Florida Supreme Court’s ruling. Lefty Liberals are hoping to place abortion rights at the center of their campaign efforts in the Sunshine State. They think they can lure pro-abortion advocates to the polling stations in November to vote on FLA Amendment 4 and secure a second term for Biden and Harris.

However, that seems unlikely since the latest figures published by the Florida Division of Election show that the number of registered Republicans exceeds that of Democrats by 855,701 individuals (5,215,016 to 4,359,315). An additional 3,536,909 voters listed themselves as having no party affiliation, and 333,112 indicated they belonged to minor parties.

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