Dems Investigate Trump Over Alleged $1B Oil Deal

( – Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a sarcastic term applied to Democrats and other Liberals who seem to go into nuclear meltdown mode when it comes to former President Donald Trump, but is it real? One could argue that their attempt to impeach him after he left office, Blue States’ efforts to remove him from Republican primary ballots, and the ridiculous criminal trials in New York City and Atlanta, Georgia, would seem to argue in its favor. Now, the Left is vowing to investigate him for the horrendous crime of… wait for it, asking for campaign contributions to support his effort to reclaim the White House in November.

Mountain and Molehills

The Washington Post (WaPo) published an “exclusive” article recounting a dinner that the ex-POTUS hosted at his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida for several executives of some of the larger oil companies in the country. The claim that they made is that he told the wealthy businessman in the room that they should collectively raise $1 billion for his campaign’s war chest, and they made sure to emphasize one specific word out of context that has caused many Leftists to go off the deep end, including at least one lawmaker.

The WaPo’s story says that Trump told the attendees that he would work on “day one” to rollback many of President Joe Biden’s initiatives regarding oil drilling and electric vehicles (EVs) and called the $1 billion amount a “deal” because of the money their companies stand to lose with the whole alt-Left Green New Deal.

Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) fired off a form letter to nine of the corporations that had executives at the meeting demanding answers about “Mr. Trump’s unvarnished quid pro quo offer.”

Raskin’s letter went on to boldly claim that “we know [emphasis added]” that the former president accepted more than $7.8 million “in blatant violation of the Constitution’s Foreign Emoluments Clause.” Perhaps he fails to understand that accusations are not absolute proof?

He then laid out his six demands, which included the names and titles of anybody who was in attendance and a hint that could form the basis of another witchhunt asking for copies of “any draft executive orders for policy paperwork” that anyone in their company may have worked up.

The idea that the oil companies are writing up executive orders for Trump to sign is gaining traction among the Democrats and their Liberal media shills, in fact, Raskin’s letter specifically references a story published online by the Left-leaning POLITICO website. The headline makes the accusation with the rest of the story claiming to be based on information from (the always anonymous) people “with direct knowledge of the work.”

Beyond efforts to make sure that their bogeyman Donald J. Trump is kept out of office by riling up the same group of people currently terrorizing college campuses across the country with their pro-Palestine protests, the Democrats’ endgame is as yet unclear. This may be simply laying the groundwork for a third impeachment carnival either with the emoluments clause argument or collusion (this time with the oil companies instead of the Russians).

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