Democrat Caught Raking in Lobbyist Cash

( – “Money makes the world go around” is a saying that most accept as a truism, and the sphere of influence that is a prime example would be politics in America. Another cynicism applied to the people who make their careers in that realm is they are experts in the art of doublespeak — more to the point, they tend to lie a lot. Those two theories about the character of politicians have allegedly come together in a race for a seat in the United States Senate.

Were Her Fingers Crossed?

Angela Alsobrooks will be the Democrat on the ballot in November in Maryland taking on the Republican nominee, former Governor Larry Hogan (2015-2023) in a battle for the spot that is opening up because Senator Ben Cardin (D) is retiring. On April 27, a post on her X feed (formerly Twitter) told voters “I am not beholden to large corporate interests” but, The Daily Caller took a look at where her campaign got its funding. They believe the money trail tells a different story.

Alsobrooks’ war chest was enriched by more than $100,000 in contributions from lobbyists working on behalf of the “Big Oil and Big Pharma” that she promised to “reject” if elected. However, the spreadsheet provided with the article exposes donations from groups representing clients such as Pfizer, Raytheon, and Genentech.

A fundraising email sent out on Alsobrooks’ benefit by the soon-to-be senior senator for Maryland Chris Van Hollen (D) touted their joint commitment to fight the evil of corporate America and it proclaimed her to be “a strong [P]rogressive.” The policy positions espoused by the Senate hopeful and those who back her candidacy show the truth of that statement.

According to the priorities section of the Angela Alsobrooks for U.S. Senate website, she will fight to grant illegal immigrants “already living and working in the United States” a pathway to full citizenship. She also decries an “all-out assault” on democracy by MAGA Republicans and the horrible, dastardly, and just all-around terrible human being known as former President Donald Trump.

The Times of Israel reports that Alsobrooks has the backing of J Street, a group that lobbies on Capitol Hill for liberal causes including President Joe Biden’s blackmailing of the Israeli government during their battle against the Islamic Republic of Iran and their terrorist proxy Hamas. The prospective senator said that there must be an immediate cease-fire and the imposition of a two-state solution during an interview on a Maryland television station.

When Marylanders head to the polls — especially Republicans — they are going to face a difficult choice between the dyed-in-the-wool Progressive Alsobrooks and an apparent RiNO in Hogan. According to his campaign website, he has broad support among many Democrats because of his willingness to broker deals instead of committing to an overall standard and believes the abortion provisions of the now-overturned Roe v. Wade SCOTUS decision should be codified into law.

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