Clinton Calls a Ceasefire a Gift to Hamas

( – Calls for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas War continue to echo on some liberal college campuses and during a sprinkling of public demonstrations. Likewise, a few Republican and Democratic lawmakers have expressed their support for the idea.

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly has held multiple special sessions to consider issuing a resolution calling for an end to the fighting between Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Hamas. So far, ambassadors have been unable, or unwilling, to agree on a draft text for consideration by the member states. Nevertheless, UN Secretary-General António Guterres issued a statement on October 31 calling for an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire.”

Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke out about her opposition to the idea at a recent political gathering.

Hillary Clinton Speaks Out Against a Ceasefire Between Israel and Hamas

Former Secretaries of State Clinton and James A. Baker III sat down for a wide-ranging discussion with CBS “Evening News” host Norah O’Donnell on October 26. Baker said the United States currently faced “one of the most dangerous times in decades.”

Baker explained that he couldn’t recall a previous time when America had to deal with a war in the Middle East, another conflict in Europe, and an “adversary… as aggressive as China is to [American interests].” Clinton echoed that sentiment, adding that she hoped additional conflicts or crises didn’t arise “in the immediate future.”

Turning her attention to the Israel-Hamas War, Clinton said she didn’t support a ceasefire. She warned that people calling for an end to military hostilities “don’t understand Hamas.”

According to her, a ceasefire would serve as a “gift to Hamas” because a halt to the fighting would give the Islamist terrorist group an opportunity to rebuild their armaments and create “stronger positions… to fend off an eventual assault” by the IDF.

What Top Republicans Are Saying About a Ceasefire

Oddly enough, Clinton’s thinking aligns with that of several top Republicans. For example, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) spoke out against a ceasefire while attending the Republican Jewish Coalition Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday, October 29. He also condemned the UN for its ongoing effort to create a resolution calling for an end to military aggression between Israel and Hamas.

“This message is to the UN,” he said, adding that there would only be a ceasefire once “Hamas ceases to be a threat against Israel.”

On Monday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) issued a statement discussing the growing number of national security threats facing America at home and abroad. He characterized a ceasefire as a “de facto” form of “amnesty” for Hamas, the “terrorist aggressors who slaughtered children in their homes a few weeks ago.”

McConnell also said that Moscow’s current policy supported placing a demand on Israel to “agree to a ceasefire.” He claimed that, by extension, “street protesters” in Western countries were uniting with “a Russian dictator” when they echoed Vladimir Putin’s call for an end to the fighting in Israel and Gaza.

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