Bolton Makes Odd Prediction about Trump

( – The prospect of Donald Trump ending up back in the White House has triggered a wave of doomsday predictions, mostly from horrified Liberals. However, now a former member of Trump’s own administration has come out with an extra-strange one. John Bolton, who was national security adviser from April 2018 to September 2019, claims Trump wants to be treated like North Korea’s eccentric dictator.

On March 19, Bolton wrote on X (formerly Twitter) that “Donald Trump wants Americans to treat him like North Koreans treat Kim Jung Un. Get ready…..” The strange warning came with a video of Trump dating back to 2018. Talking to Fox News the then-president said dictator Kim Jong Un was “the strong head… He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same.”

Of course, Trump didn’t literally mean he wants to run a one-party state with a hereditary leader that’s treated as a god (North Korea is officially ruled by “eternal president” Kim Il Sung, who died in 1994). His words have been seized on by opponents and even former members of his administration, though. Bolton fell out with Trump over policy disagreements in September 2019 and resigned from the administration. Now he’s trying to sabotage Trump’s re-election bid, along with other former officials including ex-defense secretary Mark Esper.

Trump supporters quickly hit back at Bolton over his attack on Trump. Some social media users called him “irrelevant,” while others referred to his own policies; Bolton was an ultra-hawkish advocate for US military action, which Trump generally opposed.

In January 2023 Bolton promised to make his own White House run this year, claiming Trump’s popularity was in “terminal decline.” However, he never actually launched a campaign — probably because he knew his own policies were a lot less popular with American voters than Trump’s are.

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