Biden’s Approval Rating Hits an All-Time Low

( – President Joe Biden’s polling figures continue to bottom out, raising the possibility he could lose his bid for a second term later this year. He’s maintained an abysmal polling average since he assumed office three years ago, but his consistent downward spiral has generated more pushback to his continued candidacy. A recent survey showed his approval rating hit an all-time low.

On January 14, Langer Research Associates released the results from the latest ABC News/Ipsos poll. A whopping 58% of participants said they disapproved of Biden’s job performance. A paltry 33% expressed approval of his leadership. Biden’s composite approval rating of <-25%> is the lowest reported figure for any president in 15 years.

Putting that figure in perspective, Donald Trump’s disapproval rating at the same point in his presidency was 53%, and 41% of survey participants said they approved of his job performance.

Biden’s approval rating tanked among survey participants regardless of their racial background. He ranked six points lower than the average among whites, 15 below Hispanics, and a whopping 21 points among blacks.

Biden received an approval rating of 65% with black people aged 50 and above, but it dropped to only 32% among blacks 49 and below. Curiously, gaps in his approval rating didn’t vary by age among Hispanic and white participants.

The survey also looked at participants’ opinions of Biden’s candidacy and that of the top four Republican hopefuls. Only 57% of Democrats considered Biden a satisfactory choice as their party’s nominee.

Seventy-two percent of Republicans expressed their satisfaction with Trump. Sixty-one percent said they would accept Ron DeSantis, 48% were okay with Nikki Haley’s candidacy, and a surprising 44% said Vivek Ramaswamy would be satisfactory as the party’s nominee. However, he dropped out of the race and endorsed Trump shortly after the former president won 51% of the votes in the Iowa caucuses on January 15.

Langer Research conducted the poll using Ipsos’ probability-based KnowledgePanel from January 4 to 8. A random nationwide sample of 2,228 adults participated in the survey. It has a sampling error margin of +/- 2.5 percentage points.

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