Biden Under Fire for “Democracy” Gaffe

( – The frequency and nature of Joe Biden’s errors while speaking at public engagements have increasingly raised concerns, particularly given his advanced age and aspirations for a second term in office. The president recently faced widespread criticism for a gaffe concerning American democracy.

On April 18, Biden spoke with reporters and supporters at a campaign rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, while accepting the endorsement of at least 15 members of the Kennedy family. The declaration of support marks the latest in a series of snubs by Kennedy clan members against presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Biden attempted to endear himself to Kennedy supporters by misquoting a passage from Seamus Henry’s “The Cure at Troy,” an adaptation of a play by the Greek philosopher Sophocles. The Irish poet and playwright’s interpretation contained a statement about the convergence of “hope and history.” Biden wanted to use that quote to discuss the choices facing American voters during the upcoming November presidential election.

Biden asked attendees if they were ready to choose “truth over lies,” “dignity over demolition,” “unity over division,” and “freedom over democracy?” Pundits and critics quickly jumped on the president’s suggestion that democracy and freedom don’t work hand-in-hand.

Apparently, the webmaster at the White House’s official website or their handlers shared those concerns. A quick review of the official transcript of the event reads “freedom over [and] democracy,” which is not what the president said.

The president’s supporters characterized Biden’s remark as a gaffe in an effort to downplay the error. However, critics pushed back, questioning Biden’s intent and fitness for office. For example, freelance journalist and X/Twitter influencer Mario Nawfal suggested that the Democrats needed to “upgrade” the president’s operation system.

Likewise, Republican donor and Trump supporter Dan Eberhart mocked Biden’s gaffe by writing that everything appeared okay and the president “definitely [isn’t] in severe mental decline.” He also told his nearly 250K followers not to pay attention to “the man behind the curtain.”

Scores of users, like conservative podcaster Rob Coates, have posted similar criticisms. He suggested it was time to “get this man out of office!”

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