Biden Takes Democratic Primary in Puerto Rico

( – Joe Biden and Donald Trump each received enough pledged delegates by March 12 to become the presumptive nominees for their respective parties. The Democrats have primary elections pending in 10 states and the District of Columbia and caucuses in Idaho, Guam, and the Virgin Islands. Likewise, the Republicans have 10 state primaries left. Recent news reports indicate that Biden added another primary to the win column.

On April 28, the Puerto Rican Democratic Party held their presidential primary election. Unsurprisingly, Biden easily secured a victory in the US territory. He received 91.3% of the vote, Marianne Williamson was barely in the rearview mirror with 5%, and Dean Phillips clinched last place with 3.7% of the votes cast. Trump outperformed the president by securing 96.2% of the votes cast in the island’s April 21 Republican primary.

A recent press release issued by the Democratic Party of Puerto Rico explained the process for selecting its 65 delegates to the Democratic National Convention. The April primary voters chose 36 delegates, and the island’s June 8 state convention attendees will select 24 additional delegates. The remaining five are automatic delegates comprised of the territory’s governor and “four local party members” who belong to the Democratic National Committee.

Biden’s primary victory served as confirmation that he is maintaining support since he secured the necessary 1968 pledged delegates to carry the Democrats banner in November. However, in the greater scheme of things, it means little as Democrats meander their way to the party’s August 19 to 22 national convention in Chicago.

Additionally, as a US territory and not a state, Puerto Ricans are not eligible to register with a political party or participate in presidential elections. However, media outlets covering the primary results reported that Charlie Rodríguez, the head of Puerto Rico’s Democratic Party, confirmed earlier this year that he would hold a symbolic presidential election in November for islanders interested in casting a vote for the country’s next president.

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