Biden Signs Executive Order Aimed at Controlling AI

( – It’s been said that the best way to tell a lie is to have a kernel of truth at its center and build the web of deception around that. A corollary to that might be doing something that appears benign or even benevolent that has the segment that advances a controversial political agenda. Such appears to be the case with President Joe Biden’s latest executive order.

Ruling by the Pen

On October 30, President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order (EO) about the “safe, secure, and trustworthy” advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) that are just around the corner. One of the first points made in the White House fact sheet about the measure is that developers must share their “safety test results” with the government, if one were disposed to sarcasm, they might wonder if they will have to invent virtual crash test dummies.

Another of the bullet points states the lofty-sounding goal of protecting “Americans from AI-enabled fraud and deception” by helping the public to easily distinguish between real and deepfake content. However, with an eye to advancing the Woke Agenda, the EO also requires that policies emanating from it “must be consistent with [the Biden-Harris] Administration’s dedication to advancing equity.”

The Biden edict demands that any AI that is developed must not be able to continue what he claims are already existing examples of the technology that “have reproduced and intensified existing inequities [and have] caused new types of harmful discrimination.” This current document references back to EO 14091 that he signed on February 16, 2023, where the president declared that not only must they meet these standards, but that they must go further and be developed “in a manner that advances [emphasis added] equity.”

Back in February, conservative author and pundit Christopher Rufo posted a warning to his Twitter (now called X) feed warning that Biden had manufactured “a national DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) bureaucracy.” Trent England compared the EO to the creation of the Skynet AI from the Terminator movie franchise except only a “woke edition.”



Representative Jim Banks (R-IN) was so taken aback by Biden’s unilateral move to give the Woke equity agenda an inroad that he introduced a resolution to the House of Representatives to try and stop it, along with nine cosponsors. The measure was short and to the point with the title “to prohibit the use of Federal funds to carry out Executive Order 14091,” and while it never moved any farther than this, it does show more conservative opposition to these kinds of orders.

Former President Barack Obama once declared that he would use his pen to bypass Congress to sign EOs to put his agenda into action, for example, creating an exemption on deportations for children illegally brought to the United States (DACA). Since many have labeled the Biden presidency as a third term for America’s first Black president (or Obama 3.0), one should not be surprised to see this trend continue.

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