Biden Responds to Special Counsel Report

( – Special Counsel Robert Hur recently released the long-awaited final report of his investigation’s findings regarding several classified documents found at the former Penn State Biden Center office and President Joe Biden’s Delaware home. Hur declined to bring charges against the president after failing to uncover any proof that Biden retained those documents with any of the requisite criminal intent. He also cited Biden’s advanced age and poor memory. The president recently responded to Hur’s report.

On February 8, at nearly 8:00 p.m., the president held a hastily scheduled press conference in the White House Executive Residence to discuss Hur’s report. He began by expressing his pleasure at the special counsel’s “conclusion” that he wouldn’t file any charges. Biden also pointed out that Hur discussed “several material distinctions” between his case and the one against former President Donald Trump.

However, he quickly pivoted to complaining about the massive document’s contents. He began by lashing out at Hur’s finding that he “willfully retained and shared classified documents.” He tried to muddy the water by pointing to a few examples hand-picked examples by Hur that indicated he didn’t knowingly keep sensitive materials related to Afghanistan.

Biden started to sound unhinged when he addressed some of Hur’s remarks regarding his well-known memory lapses. For instance, he lashed out at the assertion that he couldn’t remember when his son, Beau Biden, died. “How… dare he raise that [issue],” he proclaimed.

The president artfully dodged the substance of Hur’s claim by saying when investigators asked about his son’s death, he thought to himself that “it wasn’t any of their [expletive] business.”

Several media outlets and conservative lawmakers are using Hur’s report to lend credence to their claims that Biden is unfit for office. Likewise, some Democrats hoping for a younger nominee have used the special counsel’s finding against the president.

ABC News reported that at a Biden fundraiser in Michigan, some donors decided to adopt a “wait-and-see” approach to supporting the president’s campaign in the wake of the Hur report’s release. Trav Robertson, the former South Carolina Democratic Party chair, readily conceded the findings were a liability for Biden.

Time will tell what impact the Hur report might have on the upcoming presidential election — if any.

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