Biden Makes Catholic Gesture During Abortion Trip

( – Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and over time, became a priest in the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). In 2013, after being elected by the conclave of Cardinals he took on the name of Pope Francis and became the head of the organization and the sovereign of Vatican City State.

In the decades since becoming pope, he has left little doubt of his Socialist Liberal political point of view, even going so far as to say that the only way to peace in Israel’s war against Hamas is through a two-state solution.

While it is odd that a man in his position would find it acceptable for Muslims, one of the most virulently anti-Christian groups in the world to occupy the Holy Land, there are still many traditional Catholic values to which he holds true. However, not every professed Catholic can say the same — including President Joe Biden.

Didn’t He Get the Memo?

President Biden holds himself out to be a practicing member of the RCC, so it would not be unreasonable for one to assume that he would follow the published doctrine of the church, particularly as it relates to abortion in this case. While onstage listening to Florida’s Democratic Party chairperson Nikki Fried decrying the state’s six-week time limit on the practice he clearly and deliberately made the well-known four-point sign of the cross.

When Catholics touch their head, chest, left shoulder, and finally right shoulder they are renewing their baptism in Christ Jesus, recommitting themselves to Him and His authority, and acknowledging His suffering through His crucifixion. The timing is a bit ironic as the RCC released a document reiterating its position on numerous facets of human existence including abortion on April 8.

The declaration says that “the acceptance of abortion” is a sign of moral decay which causes the mind in question to become “more and more incapable of distinguishing between good and evil.” It also provides a warning to those who failed to uphold the standard by quoting Isaiah 5:20 which says “woe to those who call evil good and good evil,” and unequivocably states that a “procured abortion is the deliberate and direct killing… of a human being.”

Biden’s disdain for the oaths that he has taken has been seen in his secular position as POTUS alongside his questionable religious positions. Twice he has ignored the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), first on their ruling on pandemic-era eviction moratoriums and, more recently, regarding student loan forgiveness.

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