Biden Launches Mother’s Day Ad Against Trump

( – Joe Biden’s reelection campaign is leaning heavily on Donald Trump’s record on women’s issues amid the recent release of reports detailing the disappointing jobs figures, increased inflation, and waning GDP growth. Team Biden launched a Mother’s Day ad brutalizing the former president on a day most Americans use to celebrate motherhood and not debate issues surrounding politics.

On May 12, the Biden-Harris HQ released the campaign’s 41-second ad, captioning the post with a call for supporters to do their moms a Mother’s Day favor by doing what they can to “stop Trump.” That same message appears at the end of the clip.

Team Biden also prefaced the ad by accusing the former president of wanting to monitor women’s pregnancies, “rip away” their access to in vitro fertilization (IVF), and separate children from their moms.

The campaign ad begins with footage of two women with their young children, accompanied by uplifting music. The first few seconds of the clip are captioned “Happy Mother’s Day,” followed by a sound effect resembling someone dragging a needle across an analog LP record. But not from Donald Trump” suddenly appears at the bottom of a black screen.

The remainder of the ad blast’s some of Trump’s policies and statements regarding families and abortion. For example, the opening scene following the black screen shows the former president discussing his family separation policy for migrants.” He pointed at the camera and said when you tell people the government will break up their families, “they don’t come.”

Then, the footage shows a woman struggling with Border Patrol agents. The ad includes a caption at the bottom of the screen, stating, “This is how Turmp treats mothers.” The remainder of the campaign ad features news clips discussing several of Trump’s comments regarding his thoughts on whether states should monitor women’s pregnancies and whether women should punished for having an abortion. Notably, the clip doesn’t provide any context for his remarks.

Media outlets reported that Trump campaign officials fired back at the Biden campaign. They told Fox News Digital that “Crooked Joe” and his associates must have a “sad, miserable, cowardly existence” to release such a “disgusting ad on such a joyous day.”

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