Biden Faces Criticism Over Gaza Refugee Plan

( – Should one harbor any doubts that many people in the Muslim world hold a virulent hatred of the United States, all they need to do is look at two pictures of the Manhattan skyline, one dated September 10, 2001, and the second from sometime on the 12th. The more radicalized the person, the more likely they are to agree with the rhetoric calling America “the Great Satan” while labeling Israel “the Little Satan” and it is these troubling aspects that have many blasting President Joe Biden who appears to be ready to yet again put the Liberal Agenda ahead of national security.

What Are You Thinking?!

As first reported by CBS News, Biden is considering accepting Palestinians from the Gaza Strip who claim to be civilians displaced by the ongoing Israeli war on the terrorist organization Hamas into America as refugees. Two options under discussion would be to use the United States Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) to bring over people with proven ties to the country who have already fled to Egypt or to use direct evacuation to bring them here if they have immediate family who are either American citizens or permanent residents.

Nearly three dozen Republican senators co-authored a letter to Biden saying that “[they] are not confident that your administration can adequately vet this high-risk population for terrorist ties and sympathies” before they would already be on American soil. They also point to the fact that Hamas is the elected governing body of the Strip as something that most thinking people (ESPECIALLY a politician) should understand, they enjoy a large share of popular support.

The missive also reminds Biden that Hamas — not incidentally, funded and trained by the Islamic Republic of Iran — still controls the city of Rafah on the Gaza-Egypt border where an estimated 1.4 million refugees have inundated the 25 square-mile town. Israeli Prime Minister (PM) Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to eradicate the Strip of the terrorists who invaded his country in a rampage of murder and the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has now begun operations in this area.

The senators took note that American ally Egypt has already had to deal with the issue of large numbers of “Gazans trying to cross into the Sinai Peninsula illegally.” While Cairo has greatly restricted the crossing, an announcement of this nature could cause a human tidal wave that would overwhelm them. They also expressed confusion about the administration’s mindset of willingness to bring in Palestinians when even sympathetic Arab countries will not accept them.

After relating problems with terrorists crossing into the United States at the southern border and Biden’s “abject failure at countering” that issue (a cynic could argue that when one throws a door wide open to allow one illegal group to come in, they really don’t care about a second one), the senators asked how anyone could trust the administration to vet masses on the other side of the planet?

They also want to know where he is planning to get the money to pay for transportation, medical issues, and housing, etc. Maybe he could use the vacant hotel space in some of the big cities, oh wait… those are already full of illegal immigrants.

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