Biden Campaign Admits Verdict Won’t Stop Trump

( – Ever since the New York County (Manhattan) jury returned guilty verdicts against former President Donald Trump, Conservative pundits, politicians, and potential voters have voiced their outrage at the way the Liberals have tried to turn the American justice system into a political weapon. The campaign of President Joe Biden, on the other hand, is using fearmongering to instill a sense of dread in their constituency in the hopes of getting donors to start writing them checks with as many zeros upon them as possible.

Not Going Anywhere

Numerous news outlets have reported that the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign’s communication director, Michael Tyler, made a public announcement saying that it is still a certainty that Trump will be the Republican nominee for the November election. Then he slammed down on the big red button that had “PANIC” emblazoned across it. He issued a dire warning that the result of his winning a second term on the United States and the Constitution would be somewhat worse than the apocalypse. Of course, that presupposes that there is anything left of them once the current administration and their lackeys get done.

Tyler started his statement by saying that “no one is above the law,” which is one of the founding principles of American jurisprudence. However, many on the Right are asking, “Was this a fair application of the law?” Conservative commentator and legal expert Jonathan Turley wrote an opinion piece on The Hill to give his insights.

Turley first looked at Judge Juan Merchan, whom he notes presided over other cases involving Trump and that he was “handpicked” rather than the case being randomly assigned as is the norm. Other controversies include the judge’s contributions to the Biden campaign and an organization that devotes itself to stopping the former President and the Republican party. Equally concerning, Merchan’s daughter is an active “Democratic organizer.”

Next up in Turley’s examination was Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who may have exceeded his authority by bringing charges that violated federal law, especially when the Justice Department had reviewed the matter and decided not to prosecute. Further, he based this on old misdemeanor accusations long after the statute of limitations had expired.

Elie Honig is an attorney and one of the Liberal CNN legal analysts, and one glance at the list of articles he has done for them makes it clear that he is normally far to the Left in his opinions. In his op-ed for New York Magazine, he praised the jury for doing their duty that few wanted to accept in this “ill-conceived, unjustified mess… [and a] strained, convoluted reach.”

The silver lining in all this might be that it has swollen Trump’s presidential campaign war chest by more than $52 million since the March 30 verdict and June 2, and the Trump campaign estimates that the New York blunder will eventually increase that to $150 million. One can be forgiven if they conclude that the all-Left cabal has stepped into a steaming pile of… trouble.

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