Biden Admin Weighs Sanctions Against Israel Military Unit

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( – Israel is actively fighting a war against the Islamic Republic of Iran that began when their terrorist proxy group Hamas undertook the rampage of murder, abuse, and rape against unarmed civilians on October 7, 2023. Soon after those atrocities, the Lebanon-based Hezbollah joined in, followed by the Houthis in Yemen, and recently Tehran itself launched combat drones and ballistic missiles their way.

He’s Getting Colder…

President Joe Biden has continually backtracked from his initial statement that promised “My Administration’s support for Israel’s security is rock solid and unwavering,” to a point where it is a near certainty that the United States will be leveling sanctions against a part of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). As of early afternoon on April 23, the State Department and Secretary Antony Blinken were playing it close to the vest and were not forthcoming with any details of diplomatic discussions or what specific actions they may take.

First reported as a “scoop” by Axios, the sanctions would be aimed at the Netzah Yehuda battalion of the IDF based on the administration’s interpretation of the so-called Leahy Law (named for its author then-Senator Patrick Leahy OBE [the award is the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire awarded to him by King Charles III in 2023] (D-VT)) which came into effect in 1997.

The news outlet attributed a statement to an unnamed US official saying that this is all based upon actions that came about BEFORE October 7. It could be forgiven a cynic to call that a very thin gauze-like veil considering sanctions weren’t mentioned until AFTER all the pro-terrorist rhetoric and protests by The Squad and other Radical Liberals.

The Leahy Law requires the finding that “there is credible information implicating that unit in the commission of gross violations of human rights,” with one provision applicable to the State Department and a second to the Department of Defense. By invoking this statute, Biden could potentially block the battalion from using any military aid sent to Israel for its “training, equipment, or other assistance.”

Upon hearing about the possible sanctions, Israeli Prime Minister (PM) Benjamin Netanyahu (a.k.a. Bibi) shot back at Biden saying that taking these actions during his country’s fight against “terrorist monsters is the height of absurdity and a moral nadir [low point].” Indeed, if one looks at the position of the Leftists in Washington, DC, who celebrated the massive aid package for Ukraine on the floor of the House of Representatives, a questioning eyebrow or two might be in order regardless of your opinion of that conflict.

The package passed by Congress provides for nearly $61 billion to the defenders against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of their country. Ironically, while minor (an extremely relative term when it comes to torture and the like) in comparison to Russia’s atrocities, the United Nations Human Rights Watch noted Ukrainian forces are accused of many of the same violations that Biden and Blinken are accusing the IDF battalion of committing.

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